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When Fox Broadcasting launched two new series in September 1993, The X-Files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., then programming director Sandy Grushow made the bold remark that he would…

Karolina Chymkowska

16 January 2023

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…eat his own desk” if the The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. co-star Bruce Campbell will not become a television star of the first magnitude. It was not stated whether consumption took place, but it was The X-Files, not The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., that turned out to be the biggest hit in the history of the studio.


C.G.B Spender, Cigarette Smoking – Man, Cancer Man

William B. Davies

A high-ranking member of the Syndicate and the immediate superior of the Men in Black. His nickname comes from his habit of firing one Morley from another. He held a high position in the Consortium and had access to the most secret information, however, he was not very accepted by the other members of the group, as a result he was considered undesirable and was sentenced to death. The Smoker’s main goal was to delay colonization as much as possible so that the vaccine could be properly refined in the meantime. The means to achieve that goal were of little consequence to him, and he quickly became the main villain of the series. He was the actual assassin of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

C.G.B Spender Cigarette Smoking - Man Cancer Man William B. Davies

He collaborated with Mulder’s father; he also had an affair with Fox’s mother, and there are many indications that he may have been Fox’s biological father as well. His wife Cassandra became the first successful – that is, completely immune to the Black Cancer – human-Alien hybrid. He ordered Scully’s abduction. He did not hesitate to try to kill his son, Jeffrey Spender when he failed his hopes, and to expose him to black virus vaccine tests that left Jeffrey horribly disfigured. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he forced the Rebel Alien, Jeremiah Smith, to cure him of the disease. However, the disease returned and the Smoker remained confined to a wheelchair. After the dissolution of the Syndicate, which was murdered by the rebels, he tried to continue secretly working for the conspiracy. He was tracked down by Alex Krycek and was thought to be dead for two years. Found by Mulder in New Mexico, where he was hiding from the New Syndicate and the aliens slowly coming to power, he revealed the final truth to his supposed son – the date of the start of the proper colonization. Soon after, he died – it seemed that this time rather for good. Playing the role of C.G.B. Spender, William B. Davis is a non-smoker.

Alex Krycek

Nicholas Lea

Deadly handsome and deadly dangerous, Alex Krycek is perhaps the most ambiguous character on the show. Little is known about him, except that his parents were Russians who emigrated during the Cold War. He first appeared as Mulder’s new partner in Sleepless, but was quickly revealed to be a spy in the Syndicate’s favor. What Krycek’s true intentions really were is unknown. He was loyal to no one except himself. He was present at Scully’s abduction. He killed Mulder’s father. Together with Luis Cardinale, he ambushed Scully’s life, but then her sister Melissa was killed by mistake. Although it was Cardinale who shot Melissa, the Syndicate held Krycek responsible and sentenced him to death. Krycek came into possession of secret data stolen by the Thinker, which he tried to use for his own purposes by selling them in Hong Kong. He was infected with Black Cancer. Captured by the Syndicate, he was imprisoned in North Dakota. However, he managed to escape from there.

Alex Krycek Nicholas Lea

He accompanied Mulder as an interpreter on a trip to Tunguska, but both were soon captured by the Russians and imprisoned in the Gulag. Krycek’s quick release proved his contacts with the Russian conspiracy. Mulder escaped from the gulag with Krycek as a hostage, but Rat, as befits a Rat, quickly eluded him. Imprisoned by Russian partisans, he lost his arm, which the oppositionists amputated against his will. We met him again as a double agent working for both the Russians and the Syndicate. He was commissioned to find the Smoker who was hiding. In the last episode of the seventh season (Requiem), he made an attempt on the Smoker’s life by pushing his wheelchair down the stairs. In the episode, Deadalive offered Skinner the vaccine necessary to save Mulder’s life in exchange for the life of Scully’s baby, who, in his words, “is a danger to humanity” and “cannot be born”. Skinner refused. In Existence, Krycek tried to kill Mulder and was shot by Skinner. He will also appear as a ghost in the series ending The Truth, helping Mulder escape. Presumably, Krycek had an undefined emotional relationship with Marita Covarrubias. Nicholas Lea appeared in The X-Files in a completely different role in Gender Bender.

Knowle Rohrer

Adam Baldwin

Knowle Rohrer was a Marine who served with John Doggett and Shannon McMahon in Beirut. Rohrer and Shannon were the first people to be transformed into Super Soldiers – a new type of hybrids that would eventually become slaves subject to extraterrestrial colonizers. After leaving active duty in the field, he continued his career in the Department of Defense.

Knowle Rohrer Adam Baldwin

John Doggett reconnected with him after he joined the X-Files. However, he soon realized that Rohrer was an enemy, not an ally. In the second episode of the ninth season, Rohrer – it seemed – was killed by Shannon McMahon (who also paid for it with her life). However, this is only appearances: Rohrer has returned and in The Truth there was a clash with Mulder. Their struggle resulted in Rohrer’s close contact with live wires and Fox being charged with alleged murder.

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