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When Fox Broadcasting launched two new series in September 1993, The X-Files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., then programming director Sandy Grushow made the bold remark that he would…

Karolina Chymkowska

16 January 2023

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…eat his own desk” if the The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. co-star Bruce Campbell will not become a television star of the first magnitude. It was not stated whether consumption took place, but it was The X-Files, not The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., that turned out to be the biggest hit in the history of the studio.

FBI Agents

Walter Skinner

Mitch Pileggi

Walter Skinner was the deputy director of the FBI (until season eight, when he is replaced by Brad Follmer) and was Mulder and Scully’s immediate superior. He is a former Marine and Vietnam War veteran. In Avatar, we learn that he had a wife, whom he divorced after seventeen years of marriage. He suffers from sleep disorders and recurring nightmares.

walter skinner mitch pileggi
fot. Moviestore Collection/REX

Muscular and athletic, he does jogging and boxing. His role in Cell X was quite complex. Initially, he had a strictly professional attitude towards his subordinates. With time, however, he became more and more clearly transformed into their ally. The extent of his dependence on the Syndicate and the extent of the influence the Smoker had over him was not entirely clear. Undoubtedly, he had to reckon with the Syndicate’s ordinances, and more than once he obeyed them against his will. However, he often rebelled and opposed the will of the shadow people, usually paying a high price for it. He risked his entire career to get a cure for Scully’s cancer. Since the enactment of Law 819, nanotechnology has placed him at the mercy of Alex Krycek, who blackmailed and controlled him. In season eight, he killed Krycek when he made an attempt on Mulder’s life. In the final episode of the ninth season, he led the defense in Mulder’s trial.

John Doggett

Robert Patrick

Retired Marine Sergeant, discharged in 1983. He earned a master’s degree in business administration from Syracuse University and was hired by the NYPD. Soon, his eight-year-old son Luke was kidnapped and murdered by an unknown assailant. This tragedy left a strong mark on Doggett and led to the breakdown of his marriage. In 1995, he entered the Quantico Academy and after graduating he went to work as an FBI agent.

John Doggett Robert Patrick

In 2000, he was commissioned by director Alvin Kersh to lead the investigation to find Fox Mulder. Since, in the opinion of his superiors, he did not fulfill this duty properly, he was sent to the X-Files as a punishment for Dana Scully’s new partner. Their initial dislike for each other soon turned into friendly intimacy. Doggett is a cool skeptic, accepting only rational explanations. After Mulder was miraculously brought back from the dead and away from the X-Files, and Scully retired from active duty to pursue a teaching career at Quantico Academy and raise her son, Doggett’s partner was Monica Reyes.

Monica Reyes

Annabeth Gish

Monica was adopted as a toddler and never met her biological parents. She grew up in Mexico. She studied cultural anthropology and is a specialist in mythology and magical rituals. She joined the FBI in 1990, initially investigating crimes related to satanic rituals. She also investigated the kidnapping of eight-year-old Luke, John Doggett’s son.

Monica Reyes Annabeth Gish

In 1999, she transferred to the New Orleans unit and remained there until John Doggett persuaded her to join him in the X-Files. Unlike her partner, she is open to the paranormal and explanations that transcend the boundaries of science; he also seems to have some extrasensory abilities, or at least a very strong intuition. At the end of the ninth season, there are subtle hints of a romantic relationship between Reyes and Doggett.

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