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When Fox Broadcasting launched two new series in September 1993, The X-Files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., then programming director Sandy Grushow made the bold remark that he would…

Karolina Chymkowska

16 January 2023

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…eat his own desk” if the The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. co-star Bruce Campbell will not become a television star of the first magnitude. It was not stated whether consumption took place, but it was The X-Files, not The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., that turned out to be the biggest hit in the history of the studio.


Lone Gunmen

T O M  BR A I D W O O D , D E A N  H A G L U N D , B R U C E  H A R W O O D

The name used by Mulder’s trio of closest friends refers to a conspiracy theory involving an unidentified shooter in the assassination of President Kennedy. They were all obsessed believers in conspiracy theories of history, accomplished hackers and tireless researchers of the latest technologies. They repeatedly helped Mulder circumvent the law and provided him with behind-the-scenes information obtained by more or less legal methods. The oldest of the three was Melvin Frohike, a self-confessed radical in the 1960s, a specialist in bypassing blockades and system security, and a talented photographer. Known for his crude sense of humor and abstract adoration of the fair sex, he missed no opportunity to seduce Agent Scully. However, he had the soul of a romantic and was, in fact, very emotional. He took Scully’s illness and Mulder’s (alleged) death tremendously.


John Fitzgerald Byers, christened by his parents in honor of the president because he was born on the exact day of the assassination, is the only one of the three who dressed in a conventional suit and looked well-groomed. He used to work as a civil servant and secretly dreamed of a quiet and gray family life. Richard Langly was a self-confessed punk, competing with Frohik over who was the better hacker. He was a fan of computer games and the Ramones group. The Lone Gunners and Mulder met in 1989 through an assignment given to the Gunners by “Holly” Susanne Modeski. All three died in the ninth season of The X-Files, in episode Jump the Shark, sacrificing their own lives for the good of humanity. They made a cameo appearance as apparitions in The Truth, warning Mulder about going to New Mexico.

Deep Throat

R O B E R T  H A R D I N

Mulder’s first informant. He was a member of the Syndicate and believed that the truth about extraterrestrial colonization he was hiding should be revealed. His choice fell on Mulder as the most suitable person for the job. The information he provided was sometimes very enigmatic and coded, because Deep Throat also cared about its own safety. He seemed to play fair most of the time, although he is known to have deliberately cheated Mulder on at least one occasion.


Deep Throat’s motivations were fully known only to himself. By his own admission, he felt deeply guilty after being tasked by the Syndicate to murder an Alien captured from a UFO crashed over Hanoi. In addition, he was disaffected by the Syndicate’s practices, although for reasons known only to himself, he still remained a member. Deep Throat was eliminated in the final episode of the first season, The Erlenmeyer Flask.


S T E V E N  W I L L I A M S

He belonged to a group of Men in Black, working for the Syndicate and responsible for the security of the conspiracy. Compared to its predecessor, Deep Throat, it was much more enigmatic and mysterious. He often refused Mulder’s help or did not respond to a signaled request for a meeting (two X-crossed strips of paper glued to the window).


But perhaps he cared for Mulder more than he wanted to show. He definitely wanted to save him from death. In episode 731, he saved his life. He paid the ultimate price for his disloyalty to the Syndicate. Before he died, he wrote his last message to Mulder in his own blood, pointing him to his next informant – Marita Covarrubias.

Marita Covarrubias

L A U R I E  H O L D E N

Mulder’s informant, who was referred to her by X just before his death. Employed at the UN General Secretariat, but her actual superior is the Smoker. When the Syndicate discovered her betrayal, she was included in a group of guinea pigs as punishment for the Black Cancer vaccine. Long-term tests nearly led to her death.

Marita Covarrubias LAURIE HOLDEN

Closely associated with Alex Krycek, with whom she shared a fiery affair, she helped him orchestrate the attempt on the Smoker’s life in the seventh season. In the ninth season, he testifies as a defense witness at Mulder’s trial.

Well – Manicured Man

J O H N  N E V I L L E

He was British, one of the high-ranking members of the Consortium. He was friends with Bill Mulder for many years. Averse to all physical violence, he believed that greater benefits could be achieved through psychological manipulation. Same with Scully and Mulder – the Well-Manicured Man was an advocate of keeping them a secret, believing that by keeping them close you could control their actions more effectively.

Well - Manicured Man JOHN NEVILLE

In addition, he was in opposition to the Burner, to whom he had a rather reluctant attitude and whose actions he disapproved of. The Distinguished One’s final appearance was in the theatrical Fight the Future when he helped Mulder deliver a vaccine infected with Scully’s extraterrestrial virus. Then he died in a car explosion, theoretically planned by himself.

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