Łukasz Budnik

Lukasz Budnik

He loves both silent cinema and contemporary blockbusters based on comic books. He looks forward to watching movie with his growing son.

+1. Science fiction based on an unconventional idea

“+1” premiered in 2013.

THE GUEST. A thriller straight from the 80s that will surprise fans of the VHS era cinema

The Guest remains true to its ideals until the end.


Paw Patrol returns in its second full-length movie.

STEPHEN KING thrilled by the upcoming found footage horror. "I couldn't take my eyes off it"

THE CREATOR reviews are in. Get ready for a spectacular science fiction spectacle

Reviewers describe Edwards’ film as a fresh and significant science fiction adventure.

STEPHEN KING delighted with the new science fiction horror on Hulu. "Brilliant, daring, and scary."

Stephen King gave his opinion on Twitter.

The Most Popular Memes from Quentin Tarantino's Films

Below are a few examples of the most popular memes created by internet users inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s films.

THE MIST. Full-blooded horror based on Stephen's King work

In The Mist, the monsters take a form diametrically different from human.

BAD TASTE. Peter Jackson as a vengeful zombie

Amateurism is evident in Bad Taste at every step.

DES. Excellent David Tennant as a serial killer

Des could be seen as a pleasant surprise and a treat for those interested in the subject of serial killers.