Łukasz Budnik

Lukasz Budnik

He loves both silent cinema and contemporary blockbusters based on comic books. He looks forward to watching movie with his growing son.

rebel moon

Why shouldn't we expect REBEL MOON to be like "Dune" and "Star Wars"?

So where is Zack Snyder heading with Rebel Moon? I already know it’s not towards “Star Wars.”

Bluey sleepytime

BLUEY. "Sleepytime", or the Touching Masterpiece

“Sleepytime” from “Bluey” is the perfect episode for children and adults.

Stephen King was thrilled with the remake of the famous 70s horror: "On par with The Silence of the Lambs."

“Easily the most brilliant remake of the decade”, said King.

THE NICE GUYS. Dazzling Gosling and Crowe in a great action movie

“The Nice Guys” is, unsurprisingly, sparkling with witty dialogues and clever gags, featuring a great pair of main characters between whom...

How would characters from PIXAR movies look in reality? Realistic portraits

The Turkish artist creates realistic portraits of animated characters.

Zendaya once expressed her admiration for one of Nolan's sci-fi films. "I have a serious obsession."

“I need to go somewhere and contemplate life”, Zendaya said.


BEGOTTEN. Total Horror

Begotten is usually classified as horror, but orthodox fans of the genre will find nothing to their liking here.

5 Best Science Fiction Movies According to Ridley Scott (Including 2 of His Own)

Which science fiction films does Ridley Scott appreciate the most?

the iceman

THE ICEMAN. Is Michael Shannon good in the role of Richard Kuklinski?

“The Iceman” intrigues before the screening, but leaving us in a stupor somewhere in the middle.

warm bodies

WARM BODIES. Zombie romantic comedy horror

It would be a tragedy if “Warm Bodies” were made seriously and lacked any sense of distance.