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“HELLO THERE”, or the most popular MEMES from STAR WARS

The creativity of these memes’ creators can truly be astonishing at times.

Mikołaj Lewalski

23 August 2023

Few cinematic universes have accumulated such a rich base of parodies, remixes, and memes as the over 40-year-old space saga of Star Wars. Iconic scenes, dialogues, and moments deeply rooted in the minds of millions often inspire various creative works, frequently of a humorous nature. Each trilogy can boast a considerable collection of memes (the sequels will probably gain popularity as the kids who grew up with them mature a bit), which regularly become popular on social media platforms and beyond. I’ve decided to gather the most popular ones in a brief compilation; the creativity of their creators can truly be astonishing at times.

Grogu's Approval

Debuting in The Mandalorian, Grogu captured the hearts of viewers (and more) worldwide, and one piece of evidence for this is the multitude of memes that use the charm of the little green creature in various ways. One of them is based on the scene where the titular hero disintegrates a group of thieving Jawas, observed with curiosity (and a smile?) by Grogu. Inspired by this, the memes combine the professionalism and brutality of the Mandalorian with the helpless yet bloodthirsty cuteness of Grogu.

Maul's Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Perfect in its simplicity – just as the activation of Darth Maul’s second blade contained an element of surprise (the presentation) and a complete lack of surprise (the marketing campaign + the earlier shot of the clearly double-bladed lightsaber hilt), this meme pertains to situations that truly don’t surprise anyone. Conciseness, zero complications, clear message, just like Maul’s stance in The Phantom Menace.

Ben Swolo

A somewhat abstract and, frankly, somewhat silly meme, albeit quite amusing. The scene of a shirtless Kylo in The Last Jedi quickly resulted in the above parody – high-waisted pants and Adam Driver’s exceptionally broad chest inspired meme creators to craft a caricature of the character, which was then used in various memes.

Unlimited Power

The comic contrast between the seemingly defeated Emperor (well, Chancellor at the time), and his true face provides excellent material for a range of different memes. The vast potential for using various themes and contexts makes this one of those memes that never truly die out.

"Hello there!"

Arguably the most popular Star Wars meme. The hilarious moment from Revenge of the Sith is widely beloved (interestingly, this scene references the words Obi-Wan used to greet R2-D2 in A New Hope), which, combined with abstract humor, has given rise to numerous remixes of the scene. Most of them rely on national stereotypes, but there are also other motifs.

Emperor and Kylo

Another highly versatile meme, applicable to many subjects. Kylo’s doubtful question to the Emperor about what he has to offer, met with the reply “everything,” is a memorable scene that translates well into the language of the internet.

Lightsaber Handover

The somewhat awkward moment between Rey and Luke, the exceptional atmosphere surrounding the meeting of these two, and… the complete lack of dialogue in this scene have led to remixes inserting words into Luke’s silent mouth. Rey’s lightsaber has also undergone several modifications.

Confused Obi-Wan

I can’t help but think of this meme whenever I watch Attack of the Clones (which doesn’t happen particularly often). Obi-Wan’s bewilderment upon discovering revelations about some gigantic clone army ordered for the Republic fits perfectly into numerous situations. The transcript notation for the hearing-impaired is comical in itself, making this meme a successful example of internet creativity.

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

November 2014, the premiere of the first teaser for Episode VII. I remember it as if it were yesterday; the anticipation, excitement, hopes, and fears. The teaser didn’t reveal much, but the final shot of the dark character limping through a snowy forest left a colossal impression on me. The dark atmosphere, unique scenery for the series, and the distinctive lightsaber design were all surprising. These remixes appeared very quickly; internet creators vied with each other in coming up with ideas for the most absurd lightsabers. This meme is of the short-lived kind, but it was resurrected with the release of The Rise of Skywalker. The teaser showed Rey with a collapsible double-bladed lightsaber, and fans also had fun with this aspect.

Grogu with Soup

The adorable image of Grogu sipping soup quickly became a meme; there’s something very human and universal in this cute moment from the fourth episode of The Mandalorian. Memes featuring the little creature dominated social media in the fall, and their popularity was cleverly depicted by merging the above meme with the one where Kermit sips tea (see below).

On the Verge of Greatness

Orson Krennic’s words about the unfinished Death Star construction make for great meme material – life is full of situations where “almost” makes a world of difference.


This brilliant moment from The Force Awakens generated universal enthusiasm among viewers – it was the first (and probably only) time a regular stormtrooper was recognized as a formidable opponent rather than just cannon fodder. The iconic shout inspired a variety of remixes and cameo appearances in other memes; it also became one of John Boyega’s roles on the English Wikipedia. The unedited gif/screenshot of the moment before the battle between the said stormtrooper (dubbed TR-8R, or “traitor”) and Finn became incredibly popular.

Mass Production

The absurd numbers (referring to the production of clones) mentioned in the above dialogue are perfect for humorous hyperbole. Absurd exaggerations are a fundamental pillar of comedy, so it’s no wonder this meme gained and maintained relatively high popularity (at least within the fandom).

What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?

A quirky meme that found its way into various forms and formats; it’s hard to say why this line from Ki-Adi-Mundi inspired so many memes. Perhaps it’s because the Jedi Master brought up this topic a bit out of the blue? Certainly not the humor for those not well-versed in internet culture.

Do you know of any other Star Wars memes?