Mikołaj Lewalski

BATTLE OF THE SEXES. The Match for Dignity

“Battle of the Sexes” sometimes dangerously approaches didacticism, but for the most part, it presents the fight against unacceptable...

ANNIHILATION. Mysterious and engaging science fiction thriller

ANNIHILATION. Mysterious and engaging sci-fi thriller

If I were to try to find a common denominator in Alex Garland’s work, it would be pessimism.

THE CIRCLE. Utopia for Fools, or a Science Fiction Thriller with Emma Watson

It would seem like a recipe for success: a relevant topic, acclaimed director James Ponsoldt, and an impressive cast with Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and...

THE LOST CITY OF Z: Discovering the Adventure

In “The Lost City of Z,” the spirit of adventure and admiration for the primal nature are significant.

6 Things that THE CLONE WARS Fixed in the STAR WARS Prequels

Although a film should be self-contained and not rely on supplements, the history and characters of the prequels have been greatly expanded and...

upgrade Logan Marshall-Green

UPGRADE. Revenge cinema has been enhanced

Known to horror fans as a co-creator of Saw and Insidious, Leigh Whannell faced a significant challenge with Upgrade, but he managed to outshine many...

"HELLO THERE", or the most popular MEMES from STAR WARS

The creativity of these memes’ creators can truly be astonishing at times.

The best CYBERPUNK movies Neon-lit SCIENCE FICTION and unsettling visions of tomorrow

The best CYBERPUNK movies. Neon-lit SCIENCE FICTION and unsettling visions of tomorrow

A cyberpunk as genre dedicates a lot of time to attempting to understand humanity in an era of rapid technological advancement full of potential...

german expressionism nosferatu max schreck

NOSFERATU. Vampire royalty

Not without reason, some viewers of Nosferatu believed that the actor portraying the titular character was truly… a vampire.