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When Fox Broadcasting launched two new series in September 1993, The X-Files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., then programming director Sandy Grushow made the bold remark that he would…

Karolina Chymkowska

16 January 2023

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…eat his own desk” if the The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. co-star Bruce Campbell will not become a television star of the first magnitude. It was not stated whether consumption took place, but it was The X-Files, not The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., that turned out to be the biggest hit in the history of the studio.

Dana Scully

Gillian Anderson

Born February 23, 1964 to William and Margareth Scully. She was the third child after William Jr. and Melissa. She also has a younger brother, Charles. The Scully family is deeply religious. Restrictive religious upbringing and the strictness of her father, a naval officer, caused Dana to rebel and rebel against parental authority as she grew up. She graduated from the Medical Academy and initially saw her future in practical medicine, but as a result of personal experiences – the end of a long-term affair with a married lecturer – she gave it up and chose a career in the FBI. Scully’s rational and rigorous mind, specializing in pathology and forensics, attracted the attention of the Syndicate, which decided to use Scully to supervise Fox Mulder, assigning her as his partner to the X-Files. a bond of trust that ruined the Syndicate’s plans. Scully was abducted by Duane Barry and given to the “Aliens” by him. Thus, it became part of extraterrestrial colonization plans – tests were carried out on it to create a successful hybrid of a human and an Alien.

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She was returned in a comatose state, and some time after her recovery, she discovered the presence of an implant on the back of her neck. Its removal led to the rapid development of cancer. In Christmas, Carol Scully found out that she had a daughter – Emily, in fact an experimental hybrid, but she died quickly, which was a great psychological shock for Scully. This is another close person she lost during the series. The father died of a heart attack (Beyond the Sea) and the sister, Melissa, was mistakenly murdered (Blessing Way). Similar experiences happened to Mulder: his father was killed by Alex Krycek (Anasazi) and his mother committed suicide (Sein und Zeit). After the experiments conducted during the kidnapping, Scully became infertile, but she desperately wanted to become a mother, hence the attempt to undergo in-vitro fertilization, with Mulder as the donor. Around the same time, her relationship with Mulder took a more intimate form. Sometime after Fox’s disappearance, Scully discovered that the conception had been successful. Her son, William, became the focus of the New Syndicate even before he was born. The prophecy associated with him and the constant attempts on his life eventually prompted Scully to give William up for adoption. At the conclusion of season nine, Mulder and Scully, officially missing, remain in hiding, their outlaw future uncertain.

Some interesting facts about Scully:

  • she does not part with a small gold cross that her mother gave her on her fifteenth birthday
  • her father affectionately called her “Starbuck” (she called him Ahab – both names taken from “Moby Dick”)
  • her favorite movie is The Exorcist
  • two clues to Scully’s possible immortality emerge during the course of the series. Clyde Bruckman, gifted with the ability to predict the circumstances of human death, states that Scully will “never die”. In the episode Tithonus, the samething happens to her as it used to happen to the main character – Death takes someone else instead of her, ergo – like him, she may be doomed to be immortal
  • in college she was associated with anti-nuclear opposition movements
  • badge number 2317-616
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