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When Fox Broadcasting launched two new series in September 1993, The X-Files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., then programming director Sandy Grushow made the bold remark that he would…

Karolina Chymkowska

16 January 2023

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…eat his own desk” if the The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. co-star Bruce Campbell will not become a television star of the first magnitude. It was not stated whether consumption took place, but it was The X-Files, not The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., that turned out to be the biggest hit in the history of the studio.

Fox Mulder

David Duchovny

Born October 13, 1961 to William (Bill) Mulder and Teena Mulder. He had a younger sister, Samantha, by four years. He was raised in Chilmark, Massachusetts. Apparently his first words were “JFK”. Everything indicates that his childhood was happy. Until November 27, 1973, when he witnessed the disappearance of his sister from the family home. It was just the two of them in the apartment at the time, playing a board game. This case became a great trauma for both Fox and his parents. They divorced soon after. The investigation yielded no results and was discontinued – as we learn in Closure, it was ordered by the Smoker, possibly at Teena Mulder’s request. Fox’s memories of his sister’s disappearance are not entirely credible. In the first season pilot, he mentions that Samantha “just disappeared”. Maybe he’s saying that because he doesn’t trust Scully yet. Under hypnosis, he described the blinding light and the freezing of time – the same image came to him in a dream in Little Green Men. It is unknown how accurate these memories are, Mulder himself surmised that they may be the product of constant brooding and guilt, or perhaps they were fabricated by someone who wanted to hide the truth.

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In 1983, Mulder began studying psychology at Oxford. He graduated with the highest honors and entered the Quantico Academy. After completing the course, he joined BSI as a profiler under agent Bill Patterson. Mulder’s ability to read the minds of serial killers soon became legendary and earned him a well-deserved reputation, but at the same time, he was nicknamed “Spooky” by his peers for his often out-of-the-box ideas and belief in the paranormal. Then Mulder went to work in the homicide department, under Reggie Purdue. For the first time, Scully’s future partner began to show a tendency to break the rules and insubordination to superiors – he felt guilty after stubborn adherence to FBI protocol prevented him from actions that could have saved his colleague’s life. In 1989, Mulder was given an experimental drug that caused him hallucinations and persecution mania. He changed a lot after that experience. He developed an obsession with extraterrestrial civilizations and government conspiracies. From former FBI agent Arthur Dales he heard about a certain X-Files – a unit set up to investigate unexplained phenomena. In 1991, Mulder, with the approval of his superiors, reactivated the X-Files with his then-partner Diana Fowley. After Fowley left, he ran the Archives alone until 1992, when he was assigned a new partner – Dana Scully, a medical doctor who would give paranormal investigations the necessary skepticism.

Mulder’s stubborn pursuit of the Truth has put his life in danger many times. However, he did not stop trying to obtain proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and it can be said that he succeeded in a rather perverse way, since he almost turned himself into an alien. Ultimately, he became a wanted criminal with a conviction for (alleged) murder – nevertheless, just as he once “wanted to believe”, now he wants to “hope”.

Some interesting facts about Mulder:

  • has a penchant for biting sunflower seeds – apparently he inherited it from his father
  • he hates his name
  • he is color-blind
  • he watched Plan 9 from Outer Space 42 times
  • he really likes movies
  • several times in the series it is implied that he is a big amateur of porn
  • his apartment is number 42
  • he enjoys basketball and baseball, and regularly jogs
  • he rarely sleeps in bed: usually on the couch,¬†with the TV on and often with clothes on
  • He has an excellent photographic memory
  • as a child he was afraid of insects
  • he has a distinctive, sardonic sense of humor
  • has blood group O
  • badge number JTT047101111
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