Maciej Kaczmarski

Maciej Kaczmarski

HUMAN HIGHWAY The Wizard of Oz on acid

HUMAN HIGHWAY. The Wizard of Oz on acid

An absurd musical comedy by Neil Young and Dean Stockwell from 1982.

LIQUID SKY. There's No Other Film Quite Like It

Liquid Sky is a truly astonishing and original film.

THE BED SITTING ROOM. Post-apocalyptic satire

The Bed Sitting Room is a fascinating film, even if it is occasionally disjointed and chaotic.

THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH. A Masterpiece of Science Fiction Cinema

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most magnificent, original, and moving science fiction films in the genre’s history.

Screen adaptations of PHILIP K. DICK

Not just Blade Runner. Screen adaptations of PHILIP K. DICK, a science fiction visionary

In March, forty years passed since the death of Philip K. Dick – a science fiction visionary who described himself as not a writer, but a...