Maciej Kaczmarski

Maciej Kaczmarski


PARANOIA: 1.0. Cyberpunk science fiction like a blend of Dick and Aronofsky

Paranoia 1.0 marks the feature debut of American director Jeff Renfroe and Icelandic filmmaker Marteinn Thorsson.

count dracula

COUNT DRACULA. An attempt at a faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker's horror novel

“Count Dracula” is a horror film by Jesús Franco from 1970.

visitors from the galaxy

VISITORS FROM THE GALAXY. Slavic Science Fiction with a Twist of Comedy

 Visitors from the Galaxy are thoroughly original.

CREATURE. Science fiction horror in homage to "Alien"

“Creature” is the science fiction film by William Malone from 1985.


CRAWLSPACE. To Kill Kinski

“Crawlspace” is a thriller by David Schmoeller from 1986.

he never died

HE NEVER DIED. A Bloody Horror with a Wink

“He Never Died” provides plenty of unpretentious entertainment and, who knows, may even have the makings of a cult classic.


DECASIA. Study of Decay, or a Film Without Script, Plot, or Dialogue

“Decasia” is an experimental film by Bill Morrison from the year 2002.

NO BLADE OF GRASS. A hybrid of science fiction and exploitation

“No Blade of Grass” is science fiction film by Cornel Wilde from 1970.

Everybody Be Cool This Is A Robbery! 10 Best Heist Films

Everybody Be Cool This Is A Robbery! 10 Best Heist Films

Selection of films from a particular subgenre of crime cinema.

VANISHING WAVES. Science fiction in the spirit of Tarkovsky and Nolan

First associations with Lithuania? The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the invocation from Pan Tadeusz, the Gates of Dawn in Vilnius, the Niemen...