Dawid Myśliwiec

Dawid Myśliwiec

Always in "watching", "about to watch" or "just watched" mode. Once I've put my daughter to bed, I sit down in front of the screen and disappear - sometimes losing myself in some American black crime story, and sometimes just absorbing the latest Netflix movie. For the past 12 years, I have been blogging with varying intensity at MyśliwiecOglą


THE WOMAN KING. A (non)feminist manifesto about women dependent… on men

The Woman King would like to be several films at once – a feminist drama, an action movie, and even an essay on colonialism. Ultimately,...

SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW. I Don't Want To Know You At All!

Do these types of marriage projects have a chance of success? Probably yes, but probably not this time.

Joe Pesci

JOE PESCI turns 80. His 5 best roles

Here are the 5 best roles of Joe Pesci, who celebrates his 80th birthday today.

BLONDE. Biographical cinema has just reached a new level [REVIEW]

“Blonde” is an in-depth psychological portrait, which I have not seen in the cinema for a long time.

viking wolf netflix

VIKING WOLF. Netflix still fascinated by Nordic myths [Review]

Viking Wolf is so terribly serious that … it’s hard to take him seriously.

INFIESTO. An occult thriller in the fumes of the coronavirus

Paxti Amézcuy’s film is a fairly predictable “procedural”, which, in addition, moves through the subsequent stages of the...

JUNG_E. A science fiction movie that should have been longer

“Jung_E” looks exceptionally solid for a streaming production, both in terms of fight choreography and battle scenes, as well as basic...

pamela anderson

PAMELA, A LOVE STORY. What's left of CJ Parker? [Document Review]

I can’t help but feel that Ryan White wanted to create a kind of documentary reverse of “Blonde”.

you people netflix

YOU PEOPLE. There is no real equality in gold houses

“You People” is a comedy about an ethnically mixed couple (Lauren London and Jonah Hill) who have to deal with the obstacles thrown at...


BARRY KEOGHAN. Incarnation of anxiety

Barry Keoghan is undoubtedly one of the most interesting actors of the young generation.