Dawid Myśliwiec

Dawid Myśliwiec

Always in "watching", "about to watch" or "just watched" mode. Once I've put my daughter to bed, I sit down in front of the screen and disappear - sometimes losing myself in some American black crime story, and sometimes just absorbing the latest Netflix movie. For the past 12 years, I have been blogging with varying intensity at MyśliwiecOglą

Greta Gerwig's LADY BIRD. Coming of Age for the Stubborn

Lady Bird is largely a story about youthful ambitions, which always surpass their owner.

NIMONA. I'm Afraid of What I Don't Understand [REVIEW]

Nimona is a wonderful animation, captivating not only in its visual layer.

HOW TO HAVE SEX. "First time" devoid of magic [Review]

How to Have Sex is the first prize-winning feature film debut of Molly Manning Walker, a British cinematographer with a long list of short films.

BARBIE. The human heart beats in the land of plastic [REVIEW]

It is not the phenomenal beauty of Margot Robbie that is Barbie’s greatest strength.


ELEMENTAL. Similarity of opposites

And again, the Disney-owned studio rose to the occasion.

PREY. The Hunt We've Been Waiting For [Review]

Prey restored the quality of the series.

A Scanner Darkly keanu reeves winona ryder in a car

A SCANNER DARKLY. Drug-fueled dystopia

While working on his first animated film, Waking Life, Richard Linklater was already thinking about another rotoscope project. The choice fell on the...

fallout movie jenna ortega

THE FALLOUT. Jenna Ortega stuns in the tale of friendship born of trauma

The Fallout is an extremely mature debut.

THE DISASTER ARTIST. A daring portrait of passion

The process of creating the magnum opus of Tommy Wiseau, the infamous The Room.

EXTRACTION 2. Dancing with Helicopters [REVIEW]

“Extraction 2” in some sequences looks like it was created by a talented game designer, not a film director – and this is by no...