Dawid Myśliwiec

Dawid Myśliwiec

Always in "watching", "about to watch" or "just watched" mode. Once I've put my daughter to bed, I sit down in front of the screen and disappear - sometimes losing myself in some American black crime story, and sometimes just absorbing the latest Netflix movie. For the past 12 years, I have been blogging with varying intensity at MyśliwiecOglą

INGRID GOES WEST. The Bitter Taste of Exhibitionism

“Ingrid Goes West” (2017) is a bittersweet portrait of contemporary young people whose worldview often does not extend beyond the...

FOE. Muted science fiction, which could use less... mutedness [REVIEW]

Foe presents its story with detachment and must be met with a similar reaction.

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. Admiration more important than content

It is evident that the creators of “The Greatest Showman” were more interested in the execution of the story than the story itself.

OTHERLIFE. Surprisingly good small science fiction gem

OTHERLIFE. Surprisingly good small science fiction gem

“Australian science fiction” sounds quite exotic…

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. A film that engages completely

I am not afraid to call Manchester by the Sea a masterpiece.

RUSTIN. A Template Biography of a Non-Conventional African American Hero [REVIEW]

In George C. Wolfe’s film, we get to know Bayard Rustin, who is far from the distinguished leaders of the American Black emancipation movement.

DREAMIN' WILD. An Oscar-worthy film about musicians that... no one has heard of

Bill Pohlad confirms that he is not interested in cookie-cutter film biographies.

FINGERNAILS. Anti-romantic Science Fiction [REVIEW]

Fingernails is raw and intimate cinema, probably not fitting the expectations of the science fiction genre.

NO TIME TO DIE. A Finale Worthy of a Record Holder

No Time to Die is primarily the finale of a certain era.

REPTILE. Inconspicuous Thriller in Fincheresque Style [REVIEW]

Reptile is far from being a typical music video—it is a Fincheresque crime thriller that perfectly embodies the term “slow burn.”