Maciej Kaczmarski

Maciej Kaczmarski

withour warning

WITHOUT WARNING. Science fiction horror without which there would be no "Predator"

“Predator” is “Without Warning” on steroids.

the stuff

THE STUFF. A Still Relevant Satirical Science Fiction Horror

The Stuff gained a second life on television and video. It is a film practically made for both of these formats.

THE PRIZE OF PERIL. Science fiction that inspired "The Running Man"

Yves Bossait’s science fiction movie from 1983.

world on a wire science fiction

WORLD ON A WIRE. Science fiction that foreshadowed "The Matrix" and "Inception"

PREY. Original and Eccentric Science Fiction Horror

For a film produced on a shoestring budget, Prey features surprisingly skillful execution.

ANDROID. Forgotten Science Fiction about Artificial Intelligence

THE SHALLOWS. A thriller whose strength does not lie in the script

Collet-Serra is more interested in Nancy’s character than her duel with the shark.


“Dawn of the Nugget” has its merits.

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES. Science fiction that preceded "Alien"

The cinematic equivalent of a flashy cover of a pulp science fiction magazine from the 1950s and 60s.

The Falcon and the Snowman. This is not America

“The Falcon and the Snowman” is not burdened with politics, propaganda, or ideology.