I, ROBOT. Not groundbreaking but still solid science fiction

I remember I, Robot was a production I’had been eagerly anticipating for a long time.


19 December 2023

I, ROBOT. Not groundbreaking but still solid science fiction

One could even say it’s a clear prequel to the Wachowskis’ The Matrix. At least that’s how it appeared in trailers and cinema commercials. But let’s take it step by step. The plot of the film is loosely based on Isaac Asimov’s book, written in the first half of the 20th century, and that’s where I’ll start – covering the music, actors, execution, and the somber ending. So, it’s the year 2035. Robots are nothing strange or frightening in these times. Machines do all the work for us, serving as waiters in bars, housemaids, drivers in cars, and even walking dogs. Everything seems like a beautiful fairy tale until one robot is suspected of killing a human, specifically Dr. Lanning, the creator of all robots. Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) intends to solve this mystery. The Three Laws of Robotics prohibit harming humans, but Spooner has a different opinion on the matter.

An intriguing plot, good actors, and impressive special effects of I, Robot should meet the expectations of the modern audience. However, something seems off. I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed after watching this movie. But I guess it’s commonplace for a heavily advertised film to ultimately fall short of expectations. As for the special effects, there’s hardly anything to criticize. The robots move very realistically, and the computer-generated future city is downright magnificent (not to mention the cars). It seems to me that the action took a bit of a wrong turn. Instead of delving deeper into the vision of a world where machines are a part of human life in the larger sense (because the theme of robots is and will always be relevant), the writers turned it into a decent action movie with elements of science fiction.

I, robot

Will Smith kept trying to be funny, but unfortunately, Del Spooner from I, Robot is not Mike Lowrey from Bad Boys, and it didn’t have a very good effect. Returning to the plot; at some point, I concluded that the film revolved around one robot who wanted to be human, which seems like a good idea. Still, the director clearly missed the mark and hit somewhere off target. The only aspect we delve into more is Detective Spooner’s past, which is genuinely one of the better moments in this film. The music is at a good level and perfectly complements the action.

I, robot Will Smith

So, credit should be given to the idea, special effects, music, and action, but that might be all. I, Robot was supposed to be a groundbreaking film, like The Matrix. It was supposed to introduce new solutions and possibilities (as every other film is currently advertised). However, it was decidedly disappointing. If you’re expecting good action cinema with a decent dose of special effects, I highly recommend Proyas’ work. However, if you want to find a much deeper message and discover a few other noteworthy motifs, unfortunately, they’re not here. Well, we’ll have to wait for a worthy successor to such iconic works as Blade Runner, Terminator, or The Matrix. Until then, we’ll have to settle for productions that are only meant to pass the time and nothing more.



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