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The most BRUTAL scenes in the fourth season of STRANGER THINGS

Here’s a rundown of the most violent scenes in Stranger Things 4. 

Martyna Janasik

26 July 2023

From the beginning, Stranger Things drew handfuls from the style of such films as E.T. or Star Wars. However, everything changed in the 4th season. The latest installment of Stranger Things is much more like horror, chills blood and does not shy away from brutality. Here’s a rundown of the most violent scenes in Stranger Things.

The massacre at the Hawkins lab

Teenager bleeding from the eyes and nose, standing in bloody clothes in a room with a rainbow, surrounded by corpses – this is a recurring flashback in the history of Stranger Things. We have to wait until the finale of the first part of season 4 to explain what happened in the Hawkins laboratory, but even without this explanation, El is terrifying in this flashback.

Let me remind you what it is about. There is a massacre of children in the Hawkins laboratory. Dr. Brenner seems to be the only survivor. As he regains consciousness, he walks through the testing facility and sees the dead bodies of all his charges. Every child was killed in the same grotesque manner. Broken bones and burned eyes. It turns out, however, that one child is alive and it is El. Dr. Brenner sees her standing in bloody clothes and bleeding from her eyes and nose. Everything indicates that it was El who committed the massacre. It is only at the end of the season that fans find out how the deaths happened and whether El is responsible for them.

Death of Chrissy Cunningham

I admit that I was terrified of Chrissy Cunningham’s death scenes myself, and later in the 4th season I watched such scenes through my eyes slightly covered with my hands.

Vecna’s method of killing brings to mind such horror classics as the Nightmare on Elm Street series. After all, it was in A Nightmare on Elm Street that Kruger psychologically abused the victims. In Stranger Things, Vecna enters his victim’s mind and emotionally plagues them with various visions before brutally murdering her, breaking all her bones, dismembering her body, and burning her eyes out.

Chrissy is the first of Vecna’s many victims, and the subsequent killings are just as vicious. However, it is Chrissy’s death that is the first that Stranger Things shows in detail from beginning to end. Probably that’s why it’s so memorable. Chrissy’s death also marks a marked shift in the tone of the series, upping the ante in a big way and kicking off season 4’s plot, preparing fans for the styling changes ahead.

Nancy and Robin's visit to Victor Creel and his story about Vecna

We first hear about Victor Creel from Uncle Eddie in the second episode of Season 4. He’s a madman who lost his mind and killed his entire family, and their bodies were supposed to look similar to the body of dead Chrissy. Eddie’s uncle claims that Creel escaped from the mental hospital and killed Chrissy. This story leads Nancy to investigate in the third episode of the season. At the local library, Nancy finds an article where Victor Creel claims that it was not him but a vengeful ancient demon who killed his family. Victor even hired an exorcist to rid his house of the spirit, but it didn’t work. The demon killed his family and left him alive as punishment.

We first meet Creel when Nancy and Robin visit him in a psychiatric hospital. Although Nancy and Robin’s meeting with Creel is not so much brutal as terrifying, Creel’s story about Vecna, which is accompanied by a flashback, can freeze the blood in the veins of many viewers. The creators of Stranger Things do not spare the viewer again. They show gruesome visions of Vecna plaguing Creel’s family and another death at his hands in detail and up close.

The Demogorgon fights with the prisoners

Am I the only one who thinks the Demogorgon from Stranger Things Season 1 is a harmless mascot compared to the Demogorgon from Season 4 and if he had to fight him he would lose in a second? While the Season 1 Demogorgon is obviously big and macabre in appearance, it never looked as menacing as the Demogorgon held in a Russian prison in Season 4.

Domogorgon in season 4 is a real killing machine. No wonder that the Duffer brothers decided to show in detail what he is capable of. This brings us to the scene where the Demogorgon fights with the prisoners. Including Hopper being held there.

When Hopper and the corrupt vigilante Enzo are captured, they are fed and armed, then led to the arena to be devoured by the Demogorgon. As soon as the monster pops out, it massacres the prisoners one by one. One crushes the skull by throwing it against the wall, the other devours the head. The viewer observes all this up close. Hopper is saved only by previous contact with the creature. Hopper and Enzo manage to escape thanks to the torch Hopper uses, remembering that the Demogorgon is afraid of fire.

El vs Angela

After moving to California, NEl cannot find herself in the new reality. He’s also still suffering from the loss of Hopper. She is also doing badly at school. El is bullied and ridiculed by the other students in the class, especially by Angela. Though she suffers from it, she tries not to do anything about it. But one day he loses his patience. However, he does not use his powers to deal with Angela, because as it turns out, El has lost her supernatural abilities.

When El bumps into Angela and her friends in the second episode of the season, they decide to humiliate her. Angela and the rest of her gang corner El in the middle of the roller skate track, taunt her and spill a milkshake on her. The humiliated El runs away from the track and hides. But when she hears Angela continue to laugh at her, she can’t take it anymore. She comes out of hiding and confronts Angela and her friends, asking them to apologize. When they refuse, she follows them and, grabbing a roller skate from someone’s hand, slams it into Angela’s face.

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