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5 shows where the first season is the WORST

Which TV shows are only getting good in subsequent seasons?

Martyna Janasik

1 March 2023

They say patience pays off. This is true for these series. Here are the series in which the 1st season is the weakest, but it’s worth getting through it, because these productions rock in later versions.

"Grace and Frankie"

This lineup couldn’t have started better. After all, isn’t the best advertisement for the show that even though it had a crappy first season, it took off so well that it became my favorite production of all time?!

Yes, Grace and Frankie Season 1 is so-so. Yes, if you just get through it, you won’t regret it, because these two women rock afterward! To get through the 1st season, which lacks lightness and the humor is dull – although it may also be due to the state in which we meet the heroines – I think three things will convince you.

First of all, the very premise on which the series is based is funny. Two insufferable women are condemned to live under the same roof after they are abandoned by their husbands, who, it turns out, have been having an affair for decades and are planning a wedding. Secondly, each of you will find a little Frankie and a little Grace in you. Third, I guarantee you’ll cry with laughter as you watch Grace and Frankie start a vibrator company for older women, and later a toilet company.

"The Office" (US Version)

The American version of the British series The Office is the best example of why sometimes it’s not worth sticking to the original, but only being inspired by it.

One of the reasons season 1 of The Office US was the weakest could be that it relied too much on its British original (of the same name). As a result, it became at times ponderous and difficult to translate into American realities and audiences. The second issue may be the lack of character development. Throughout the season, the characters practically do not change, and yet it is development – something that will keep us emotionally with the character – is often one of the key factors why we stay with the series for the next season.

"The Walking Dead"

Preparing to write the list, I checked which series, which became a global phenomenon, received the most lashes for their 1st season. It turns out that the legendary The Walking Dead is among them.

The first installment is criticized, among other things, for the fact that the short, six-episode form (subsequent seasons are definitely longer) looks more like an experiment and a cluster of ideas; which may seem inconsistent. The slow pace of action and unnecessary – according to some – digressions are also criticized. However, the first season defends itself with its visual setting, which is why it is worth watching. It is also worth getting acquainted with this world to better find yourself in the later storyline. Plus, if you make it to Season 6, you’ll meet Negan – one of the more iconic and colorful characters – who goes through more transformations than any other series character I know.

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is one of the most iconic teen series of the late 90s. It is also Buffy who is taken by Raj from The Big Bang Theory to the gala in the last episode of the series.

Although Buffy the Vampire Slayer has become a cult classic, the first season is strange to watch today. The beginning of the series is very campy, definitely more so than later parts of the series. Also, we have poor fight choreography and the camera is unnaturally close to the action. The contrast between the pace and tone of the first episodes is completely different from the character of later seasons.

"Money Heist"

It may not be a very popular opinion given the immediate success of the Spanish series, but I didn’t like Season 1 of Money Heist. What’s more, I’m not a fan of the 2nd installment of the series either. I liked it in the 3rd season. It was only then that I watched the first parts of the production in its entirety. All because the action of the first two seasons moved too slowly, Tokyo’s behavior, and certainly the volatility of Stockholm was unjustified for me, and the feeling of Stockholm and Denver appeared out of nowhere.

Martyna Janasik

Martyna Janasik

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