THE LAST OF US. Scenes to look forward to in the HBO series

Which scenes from “The Last of Us” can make a big impression in the adaptation?

Michalina Peruga

11 February 2023

In HBO’s The Last of Us, we’ve already seen many iconic moments from the game on screen. In this compilation, we will look at the scenes from the game that I am looking forward to in the series adaptation in the upcoming four episodes, starting with 6th. 


Joel almost leaves Ellie

When Joel and Ellie finally meet up with Tommy after their hike, Joel decides to hand over the girl to his brother, because he knows the way better. Ellie is hurt by Joel’s decision and runs away. When the man finds her, an argument ensues between them. In the discussion, Ellie mentions Sarah, Joel’s deceased daughter, and states that everyone she cared about has either died or left her. Moved, Joel, who does not want to admit his paternal love for Ellie, at the last moment decides to accompany the girl to the very end of their journey.

Joel's accident

On their way to the Fireflies’ lab, Joel and Ellie discover that they have moved on to a hospital in Salt Lake City. They are attacked and Joel has an accident. It’s winter and the man is completely scarred – it’s Ellie’s responsibility to keep them alive from now on. They hide in the mountains and the girl finds food and keeps them safe. This is an important point in the development of the two heroes’ relationship, as well as an important moment for Ellie herself.

Ellie's confrontation with David

When the injured Joel and Ellie are hiding in the mountains, during one of her wanderings, the girl meets two men – David and James, who, although not openly hostile, arouse her anxiety. David leads a group of cannibals and wants to win Ellie over to his side. He traps the girl, but she manages to escape. Meanwhile, sensing that something bad has happened, Joel goes in search of Ellie. It reaches her when she kills David. Ellie is traumatized by what she’s done. They escape together with Joel.

Giraffes in the city

The scene with the giraffes is especially significant. Ellie is devastated after David’s murder. In addition, she has doubts about the point of her trip with Joel. While crossing Salt Lake City, Ellie and Joel encounter a herd of wild giraffes. This discovery gives the heroes hope. Giraffes are a substitute for the joy hidden in everyday life. I’m sure it will be a moving and spectacular scene in the series.

Joel rescues Ellie from the Fireflies' lab

The scene where Joel discovers what the Fireflies must do with Ellie to create a vaccine for the mysterious plague is a pivotal moment. In order for a cure to be made, Ellie must die – the infected part of the girl’s brain must be removed. Devastated by this news, Joel determinedly rescues the unconscious, already prepared for the procedure, Ellie and kills the chief surgeon and Marlene.

Joel's lie

As they escape from the hospital, Ellie wakes up from anesthesia. Joel doesn’t tell her the truth about what happened. He tells her that on the spot, it turned out that the Fireflies have already found a lot of immune people like her. After numerous attempts to create a vaccine, this turned out to be impossible, so they no longer needed Ellie.

Michalina Peruga

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