Odys Korczyński

Odys Korczyński

For years he has been passionate about computer games, in particular RPG productions, film, medicine, religious studies, psychoanalysis, artificial intelligence, physics, bioethics, as well as audiovisual media. He considers the story of a film to be a means and a pretext to talk about human culture in general, whose cinematography is one of many splinters.

THE BURIAL. Golden age of "black" death

The Burial features brilliant performances by Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones.

THE NUN 2. Demon in a Woman's Disguise [REVIEW]

“The Nun 2” may not be very scary, but it has a lot to say about women.

GOOSEBUMPS. Demons versus Teen Problems [REVIEW]

One must ask – who is this show targeted at?

THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. Through the Dark Mirror with Edgar Allan Poe [REVIEW]

Mike Flanagan in 2023, cleverly modernized the narrative even more so that a younger generation could be interested in a great writer like Edgar Allan...

CROCODILE DUNDEE. The Twilight of an Era of Old Masculinity

Perhaps if Crocodile Dundee were a serious action film, it wouldn’t have achieved the same success and timelessness.

ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES As silly as it is funny

ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES! It's as silly as it is funny

Crazy 70’s, crazy tomatoes on acid.

XTRO Science fiction horror without taboos

XTRO. Science fiction horror without taboos

The creators were undoubtedly inspired to some extent by Alien, although they stumbled in technical aspects…

SCIENCE FICTION movies for INTERSTELLAR fans movies similar to Interstellar


Interstellar is a film about emotions, about their universality, regardless of where you are and in what time of the universe.

DARTH VADER or KYLO REN - which of them is true supervillain of STAR WARS

DARTH VADER vs. KYLO REN - which of them is a true supervillain of STAR WARS?

I have a tea mug with glittery Darth Vader on it, and not a battered, emotionally lost Kylo Ren with scars.

WEDLOCK. The End of Rutger Hauer's Career?

Did Hauer really succeed in Wedlock?