Odys Korczyński

Odys Korczyński

For years he has been passionate about computer games, in particular RPG productions, film, medicine, religious studies, psychoanalysis, artificial intelligence, physics, bioethics, as well as audiovisual media. He considers the story of a film to be a means and a pretext to talk about human culture in general, whose cinematography is one of many splinters.


BODKIN. Words are blades that cut to the bone [REVIEW]

Ireland seems like an excellent setting for captivating true crime. We review “Bodkin.”

superhero series

Superhero Series You Don't Remember

Series that mainly come from pre-Marvel times, although Marvel already existed back then.

UNFROSTED. Almost culinary science fiction

The taste of milk soup with cornflakes is nothing legendary. We’re reviewing “Unfrosted.”

tv series

TV SERIES that insult the viewer's intelligence

TV series so dumb that it’s worth writing about them so viewers don’t bother with these titles, as it’s a waste of time.

TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN. How to survive in a world of bacteria?

“Turtles All the Way Down” is a painful diagnosis of a 16-year-old protagonist who enters adulthood already burdened with immense...

SHARDLAKE: "The Name of the Rose" in a version for budget television

There’s an atmosphere, but it’s overshadowed by cheapness and a thoughtless adaptation.

Movies from the 80s that are BETTER than we REMEMBER

It all depends on the age at which we watched a certain film, as well as the age at which we watch it again.

goodbye earth

GOODBYE EARTH. Are We Dumber Than DINOSAURS? Review of Netflix's sci-fi show

Koreans are becoming increasingly bold in the realms of science fiction and post-apocalypse.


The finale of SHŌGUN - the book versus the series. Clavell doesn't have to be rolling in his grave

I appreciate Shōgun for its mastery of narration and bringing this challenging story to an exciting finale, although there is too much faience in it....

Great But Underappreciated Characters In the MCU

Great But Underappreciated Characters In the MCU

In most cases, these characters accompany the main superheroes but remain in the shadows themselves.