Janek Brzozowski

Jan Brzozowski

Permanently sleep-deprived, as he absorbs either westerns or new adventure cinema at night. A big fan of the acting skills of James Dean and Jimmy Stewart, and the beauty of Ryan Gosling and Elle Fanning. He is also interested in American and French literature, as well as soccer.

IN THE REARVIEW. Touching and Straightforward Documentary

As a historical record of the crime committed against the Ukrainian nation, such films are practically priceless.

SOMETIMES I THINK ABOUT DYING. Melancholic Romantic Comedy Starring Daisy Ridley [REVIEW]

Lambert’s film will find its most faithful, most devoted viewers among those who break a sweat at the thought of making a phone call to customer...

NEXT GOAL WINS. The Art of Losing [REVIEW]

Fortunately in life, just like in football, there is always a second half. Alternatively, a rematch on your own field.

SUPERPOSITION. The Shining in Danish Woods


LYNCH/OZ. Behind the Green Curtain

THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU Wes Anderson 's maritime adventure

THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU. Wes Anderson 's maritime adventure

Bill Murray, a long-time collaborator and close friend of the director of Isle of Dogs, who has been accompanying him since Rushmore (1998), plays the...

THE FRENCH DISPATCH Wes Anderson in a top cinematic form

THE FRENCH DISPATCH. Wes Anderson in a top cinematic form

Each of the stories is humorous, engaging, and leaves a very distinct mark in the viewer’s memory. Each one is told in a slightly different...


Bochniak’s film is first and foremost patronized by the Safdie brothers.

AN OFFICER AND A SPY. "It's a shame to be French"

When it comes to Polanski’s filmography, An Officer and a Spy seems to have the most in common with The Ghost Writer.

ORSON WELLES. 7 essential films of the Shakespeare of cinema you MUST KNOW

ORSON WELLES. 7 essential films of the Shakespeare of cinema you MUST KNOW

Almost 40 years ago, due to a heart attack, a man passed away who, with the help of radio and a dedicated group of actors, convinced millions of...