STEPHEN KING thrilled by the upcoming found footage horror. “I couldn’t take my eyes off it”

Lukasz Budnik

29 September 2023

Stephen King often recommends movies that have recently debuted in theaters or on streaming platforms, and this year he was also impressed with one before its official release. Which production is he referring to?

The mentioned film is Late Night with the Devil, a horror movie directed, written, and edited by Cameron and Colin Cairnes. The film premiered in March 2023 at the SXSW festival and received positive reviews from critics; currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 100% positive rating based on 31 reviews.

In the film, presented in a found footage style, David Dastmalchian plays Jack Delroy, the host of a fictional talk show from the 1970s. The story unfolds through recovered footage from a tape of the sixth-season episode broadcasted on Halloween in 1977. During the live show, Delroy interviews a parapsychologist (Laura Gordon) and a teenager who is the protagonist of her latest book, the only survivor of a mass suicide in a satanic church. Chaos ensues.

In March of this year, King wrote:

“I got the screener. Absolutely wonderful. Couldn’t take my eyes off it. Reception may vary, but I encourage you to watch this film as soon as you can.”

Late Night with the Devil already has a distributor, but at this moment, it’s unknown when it will debut in theaters.

Łukasz Budnik

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