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The WEIRDEST movie sex scenes

A compilation of the weirdest sex scenes that are hard to forget.

Maja Budka

7 May 2023

They surprise you, make you laugh, but also cause you a slight embarrassment or discomfort – the weirdest movie sex scenes. However, there were also those that show the intimate close-ups of the film characters in an interesting, unprecedented way. Simply – we discover the strangest screen secrets of the alcove.


Warning, there are spoilers in the text!

her samantha calling

Her, directed by Spike Jonez, is a beautiful, tender film about loneliness and the need for closeness. It tells the story of an extraordinary love born between the eccentric, unlucky in love Theodore and Samantha, the operating system that Theodore has in his handset. This bizarre relationship, however, reflects positively on Theodore’s writing and well-being, as well as on Samantha’s enthusiasm for exploring the world and learning about human emotions. The whole very emotional and emotional relationship is based on conversations and voice. There is also a sexual component to this verbal relationship. The couple, despite the obvious limitations, wants sex in it. Since Samantha has no physical form, she suggests using a sex surrogate. Theodore, however, is overwhelmed by the awkwardness and strangeness of the experience, as is the viewer. Later, however, the lovers manage to have sex at a distance. Although they are not physically next to each other, they feel each other’s presence. Although the sex scenes in Her are unusual and strange, there is something beautiful, delicate about them. As if sex had been cleansed of unnecessary, literal physicality.


titane naked girl on cadillac

Julia Ducournau’s Cadillac sex will go down in history, if it hasn’t already. Murderous stripper Alexia has a strange, chilling sexual interdependence with cars. The relationship seems extremely perverse. It all started with a car accident that happened when she was still a child. Then her life was saved by implanting a titanium plate in her head. Since then, she began to move further away from what is human and warm, closer to cold and metal. Alexia performs an erotic dance show on the hood of one of the cars. Later, one of them sends her clear signals. Yes, Alexia is having sex with a car. Moreover, the act ends with fertilization. However, it is not known how it happened, since there was no direct penetration. Perhaps the woman is climaxing, feeling only the vibrations of the bouncing car. It is not important and the director does not try to answer this question.


border sex scene

Ali Abbasi’s Border is a really weird movie. It’s about an ugly border guard, Tina, who has supernatural abilities. When she meets Vore, who looks similar to her, she begins to feel something she has never felt before. There is a natural chemistry between the characters. Finally, there is a sexual intercourse scene. However, it is more like copulation than a human sexual act. It starts bizarrely at the beginning, when it turns out that the woman has a penis and the man has a vagina. This, however, does not distract the couple. They have sex in a dark forest, on stones and moss, emitting animal moans. Still, the sex scene is fiery and even romantic. Tina not only experiences her first intimate relationship with a man, but also discovers and tames her dormant sexuality.

Sick of Myself

Sick of Myself

The screening of Kristoffer Borgli’s film encouraged me to write this text. The sex scene in Sick of Myself is one of the most bizarre, twisted, grotesque and funny I’ve ever seen. It’s about a girl, Signe, who desperately needs others to pay attention to her. The desire to be the center of attention pushes her even to self-mutilation. After an accident, Signe ends up in bed with her boyfriend, Lege. His face is covered with bandages, which already adds to the humorous awkwardness of the situation. It’s even better later. Signe is excited not by his partner’s caresses, but by his words of concern. That he was worried about her, that he thought she was done, screamed during intercourse. The girl tells the boy to continue. Signe climaxes, imagining her own funeral. She reaches an orgasm seeing before her eyes how all her loved ones come to the ceremony. Everyone reacts to her departure in an exalted, obviously exaggerated way. She imagines her father and friend in no different way, but they are not allowed to enter the church besieged by mourners. Only this kind of comic fantasy gives a girl fulfillment in bed.

Sausage party

sausage party

The fact that a movie ends with a wild orgy scene should not surprise anyone that much. It is strange when it turns out that the scene takes place in an animation for adults, which many have mistaken for a fairy tale for children. It’s even weirder when it turns out that the participants of the event are food products. Sausage party is about personified food that inhabits supermarket shelves and stalls. In addition to racist, xenophobic and sexist jokes, there are also jokes and references to sex. However, the measure changes in the final licentious orgy scene. The sausages slide smoothly into the center of the hot dog buns. A slice of bacon rubs the crotch of blue cheese. And many many more food references to vaginal, anal and oral sex. They copulate with each other hundreds of different goods, in various configurations. Moans and other sounds of pleasure bounce off the walls of the supermarket.

Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future strange bed

David Cronenberg, director of body horror and sci-fi films exploring the philosophy of the body and the post-human, naturally has some weird sex scenes. Exciting, as sharp as cold steel cutting into soft flesh in Crash. A gruesome gay sex scene at the Videodrome where pleasure and pain mingle again. In the latest film by the Canadian director, there is no shortage of sex scenes again, but these are completely different scenes. Not so scary and repulsive. In Crimes of the Future, Cronenberg paints a vision of a future in which surgery has become the new substitute for sex. The heroes call classic penetration obsolete, and new sexual sensations provide them with scalpel cuts. Performances by performers Saul and Caprice, which consist of conducting autopsies together in front of an audience, resemble strange, perverse and voyeuristic live pornography.

Team America: World Police

toy sex team america

This is not the only example of a film sex scene with dolls in this list. But what could you expect from South Park creator Trey Parker? There is something very funny about watching two dolls having sex. If Team America was a live-action movie, this scene would be way too strong. In fact, it would even be too strong for a pornographic film, because there are e.g. to the act of coprophilia. At first, it looks like an innocent game of a child who, having more or less an idea of what sex is and what it can look like, rubs one doll against another with understandable curiosity, making smacking noises. The film act, however, becomes much more aggressive, graphic and blunt. Dolls have sex in every possible position. Doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, 69. There’s also rimming, golden shower, and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. But since they’re dolls, there’s nothing obscene, right?

Crank / Crank: High Voltage

jason statham crank sex scene

Crank  and Crank: High Voltageare are really solid action movies. What they do have in common, though, are some very cringy sex scenes. In the first part, the main character, Chev, persuades his girlfriend Eve to have sex on a busy street, among random people he meets, in order to keep his adrenaline high. Passers-by are gathered around the copulating couple, cheerfully cheering them on. The scene is so unpleasant that it bears the hallmarks of rape. In the second part, Chev has sex with Eve in the middle of the racetrack, of course, again to the delight of the audience. It looks awkward, weird and kitschy, like the whole two parts of the heavily exaggerated film directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky

Sex scenes in horror movies tend to be disgusting, disturbing, not weird or funny. Not with Bride of Chucky. In the continuation of the famous comedy-horror, there are already two demonic dolls. They include serial killer Charles Lee Ray and an equally insane voodoo fanatic and his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany. There is a rapprochement between former lovers. The problem is that they remain in doll shells. The scene is trying to squeeze as much kitsch as possible out of itself. French kissing dolls against the backdrop of flames coming from the fireplace is just foreplay. We do not see the penetration itself, but we know that it is taking place by looking at the sliding movements of the shadows on the wall. Finally, Tiffany’s iconic line, “Do you have a condom?” Chucky replies, “Do I have a condom? Look at me. I’m all rubber.”

Maja Budka

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