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Not all sex scenes in movies are sensual and arousing. Some of them are upsetting and scary.

Maja Budka

11 May 2023

disturbing sex scenes

Unfortunately – not all sex scenes in movies are sensual and arousing. They may as well be strange, embarrassing, scary or just disturbing. Sex, as a controversial topic in itself, can additionally evoke in our imagination associations with disgust, fear, disgust, anxiety or discomfort. Incest, torture, death, perversion, fetishism, degradation, humiliation – directors do a lot to effectively disgust us with sex. You can find all this and more in the video examples below. However, the list has been truncated by me, deprived of examples of rape scenes, because you will find a separate exhaustive article on our website HERE.

Bad Boy Bubby

bad boy bubby sex scene

The film by Australian Rolf de Heer is considered a black comedy, although it is difficult to consider it in this category. Bad Boy Bubby watches with a lasting impression of mental discomfort and disgust. The title character is the naughty boy of his tyrannical and unbalanced mother. The mother keeps Bubby under lock and key. She abuses him mentally and physically, making him a sex toy. Yes, the film features piercingly repulsive scenes of incestuous sex between Bubby and his mother. And it won’t be violent scenes at all. They will be accompanied by romantic dimmed lights and close-ups of the mother’s face experiencing the greatest pleasure from sex with her son. When during intercourse, Bubby will sensually caress the breasts of a flirtatious mother, she will whisper: “good boy”. Years of manipulation by her mother and the budding Stockholm syndrome have made Bubby see her mother not only as a parent, but also as a tender lover. The man immorally touches himself under the covers at the sight of her naked body, addresses her nonchalantly and coquettishly, calls her an extremely sexy person. He watches jealously as his mother has sex with another man, incidentally his father. Later, when jealousy about his mother begins to wreak havoc on his mind, Bubby decides to murder both of them, but not before kissing his mistress tenderly on the face and having sex with her corpse, but this remains in the realm of our conjecture. Either way, the incestuous sex scenes in Bad Boy Bubba leave the viewer reeling. These scenes are all the more repulsive as you can see that both parties derive uninhibited pleasure from them.


antichrist shower sex scene

Antichrist’s opening sequence is one of the strongest in the history of cinema. The sex scene itself is not off-putting or touchy. We feel uneasy only when sexual intercourse and the death of a child are eloquently juxtaposed. The sequence shot in black and white, in slow motion and accompanied by classical music interweaves two extremes – sex and death, the beginning of life and its end. He combines a tragic accident with a passionate relationship between his parents. A couple in the persons of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe having (supposedly unsimulated) sex in the bathroom is not aware that their tiny son climbs out of the crib, climbs onto the desk and falls through the open window into the snow-covered driveway several floors below. The viewer senses the imminent danger from the first seconds, but all he can do is watch the images of intoxicating sex in the shower. Although there are plenty of shocking and powerful scenes in Antichrist, the prologue is probably the most telling in the entire film. Even compared to the rest of the sex scenes from the movie, which are certainly not pleasant and sensual. The further into the forest, the worse it gets. Later paintings reflect the parents’ psyche ravaged by grief, depicted by scenes of brutal sex with mutilation, bloody ejaculation, and the cutting off of the labia with dirty, rusty scissors.


midsommar barn sex scene

Midsommar is a movie filled with anxiety. Every second you feel that something sinister is in the air. Anyone who has seen it knows that in the finale, incomprehensible, incomprehensible and terrifying things begin to happen. One of them is the ritual sex scene. One of the main characters, Christian, is under the influence of a mysterious rune of love – a spell that made him fall in love with a certain red-haired girl. It is finally placed on the altar of flowers as the chosen one who is to deprive her of her virginity. Moments earlier, he gets drunk on a psychoactive substance. Intercourse takes place in a dark hut, and around the altar a ring is formed of murmuring naked women – from young beautiful girls to older women with sagging breasts. As if that wasn’t enough, the red-haired girl, visibly frightened by the first intercourse, extends her hand to her proudly looking mother standing in the ring. For the rest of the intercourse, the mother holds her daughter’s hand and stares straight into the confused boy’s eyes, smiling radiantly. Interestingly, the song sung by the women resembles moans and grunts of sexual pleasure, as if sex on a bed of flowers was shared by each of them. As if they had a strange power to sympathize with their relationship. Not only the sex scene itself is interesting, but also its aftermath – it is this moment that will cause Dani to despair, which will start the real horror. Yet this bizarre sexual ceremony, with all its uneasiness, seems to be intoxicatingly beautiful.

Gone Girl

gone girl sex scene Neil Patrick Harris rosamund pike

Eponymous gone girl has probably already been hailed as one of the most evil and cunning characters in the history of cinema. Deservedly. Amy Dunne will stop at nothing to put her meticulous plan into action. Rosamund Pike is great in the role – she seems downright dehumanized, cold and robotic. This is evident in the sex scene with her old friend and boyfriend Desi played by Neil Patrick Harris. All of Amy’s actions were carefully thought out by her. When we see a woman lure a man into bed, we know she must be getting some benefit out of it. She dictates the pace of the whole situation. She aggressively urges the man to enter her. And not only the tension-building music, but also Pike’s face reveals that we have every right to expect something monstrous. La petite mort is a French term that nowadays describes the moment of the highest elation right after orgasm, often compared to the state of short-term death. Such a comparison fits perfectly in the context of this scene. Amy waits for her partner to climax before slitting his throat with one precise move. Her half-naked body is immediately drenched in dark, thick blood, which congeals on the woman’s white skin like a costume. But psychopathic Amy’s face shows neither fear nor disgust. She just fulfilled another point in her plan.

In the Realm of the Senses

in the realm of the senses sex scene

Where to start here? From the scene where Sada asks her lover to urinate in her so they don’t have to stop having sex? Or the scene where Kichizo Ishida inserts a hard-boiled egg into Sada’s vagina, which the woman “lays” and then makes the man eat as a sexual stimulus? Or one of the many smothering scenes to keep your erection longer and prolong your sexual pleasure? Or an orgy with the gentle strumming of a koto? In the Realm of the Senses┬áis an exceptionally bold and expressive erotic film about sexual obsession. Interestingly – based on real events. It tells about Sada, who works as an escort, and her beloved, rich man Kichizo. An immoral relationship is created between the two, based primarily on carnal love and testing their own limits. Over time, however, Sada becomes obsessively addicted to her lover’s penis, and sex with him becomes the only way for a woman to achieve happiness and satisfaction. The world of carnal fulfillment becomes the only one that matters to them. The heroine awakens morbid jealousy leading to crime. A crime that once shocked Japan.

In the Realm of the Senses is constant sex, penetration, satisfying the most disturbing desires and fantasies that lead to Sada cutting off her beloved’s penis and carrying it with her as a talisman. Sada makes Kichizo hers forever. Strangling with a blood-red scarf is the ultimate form of sexual possession. The couple’s subsequent sexual relations, on which the entire film is based, herald the worst, showing the budding madness of Sada, who wants the exclusive right to Kichizo’s body. They have nothing to do with a sensual act of love, but with madness, blasphemy and perversion, which pushes the lovers further and further to test the limits of their endurance. In the Realm of the Senses went down in history as artistic pornography. All sex scenes shown on the screen were unsimulated, which caused the creator many problems. Director Nagisa Oshima was considered a scandalist for many years in Japan, and his magnum opus, a manifesto of erotic cinema, saw the light of day thanks to the director’s collaboration with French producer Anatole Dauman.


crash sex scene james spader deborah kara unger

David Cronenberg’s film could not be missing from this list. In the genre of works about the strangest fetishes, Crash undeniably surpasses all others. And there are few films that explore fetishism and dangerous lust as thoroughly and ruthlessly as Crash. Critics spared no bitter words, claiming that the film crosses all boundaries of depravity and presents the most perverse sexual deviations that have ever appeared on the screen. According to the director himself, his film “violates the human concept of eroticism.” And it is about a strange sexual fascination with car accidents and road accidents. Admiring the bloody spectacles involving crushed steel and car bodies becomes the source of the highest excitement for the film’s heroes. They have dangerous sex in speeding cars, watch car safety tests on video like pornographic movies, caress their scars and accident wounds that act as vaginas during intercourse. Only this kind of adrenaline helps them relieve sexual tension. However, the final scene of the film turns out to be the most perverse. One of the characters, James, pushes his wife Catherine’s car off the road and has sex with her right next to the smoking wreck of the car. The woman’s legs are crushed by the wreckage. However, this is not a problem for her. Her desire is to experience more, more, more intensely. The husband caresses her tenderly, assuring her that next time she will succeed and that the woman’s orgasm will coincide with her death.


society orgy scene

Society is an expressive body horror in which one of the most nightmarish sex scenes turns into a disturbing social metaphor. In the very finale of the film, the eyes of the viewers see a hellish orgy scene, in which the naked bodies of its participants melt together into a sticky, sticky goo. The hand sinks into the soft buttocks, like tar or melted asphalt. It looks like a disgusting sizzling stew of human flesh. As if someone had combined the most promiscuous orgy scenes from the time of the fall of Rome with psychedelic horror. The sounds of bodies merging into a single slush are accompanied by shrill, piercing sounds of hysterical laughter and groans of disgust. Finally, in a bowl filled with flesh slime, acts of demonic cannibalism occur. Such disgusting visual debauchery is hard to find in other films. As if that wasn’t enough, the scene of disgusting sexual massacre is also intertwined with disturbing sexual images that look like visualizations of the worst bad trip.

Requiem for a Dream

requiem for a dream sex scene jennifer connelly

While the famous “ass to ass” scene from Requiem for a Dream successfully roams the porn sites, there’s nothing arousing about it. On the contrary – the context of the whole scene, the montage used by Aronofsky, is terrifying, repulsive and simply terribly sad. It’s hard to even call it a sex scene. Certainly the film Marion does not enjoy it. The heroin addict who will stop at nothing to have funds for her addiction. At the climax of the film, we see a girl in the humiliating role of a prostitute, who bends over for the pleasure of depraved rich men in leotards drooling disgustingly at the sight of her. Marion agrees to participate in a humiliating spectacle at a strip club where she shares a dildo with another girl’s anus. Making meaningful movements with their buttocks, the women exchange gadgets, co-creating a grotesque representation of anal sex. We, as viewers, see mainly the heroine’s face, flowing with sweat, full of contempt and disgust for the situation in which she found herself. This scene is simultaneously intertwined with the painful fate of other characters in the film, including an electroshock sequence reminiscent of torture from the scariest horror movie.

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