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The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies

Erotic scenes in movies can cause our imagination to swell and our senses to burn red.

Przemysław Mudlaff

14 May 2023

The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies

However, there are times when promising onscreen foreplay leads to a bizarre sexual act. However, this is not about the obvious clumsiness and ineptitude that sometimes accompanies “moments” during the production, and then can be seen during the screening. There are stranger things in the history of cinematography in this sphere. They can be found primarily in SF movies. Nothing extraordinary about that. After all, science fiction is a genre that shows various paths of evolution and revolution in virtually every aspect of human life, including sex.

The following list focuses on erotic scenes in science fiction movies, which usually arouse surprise, repulsion or incomprehension instead of excitement. Of course, this type of “moments” is easiest to look for in B-class cinema. However, this is not what interests me here. There are also no rape scenes, which are disgusting in themselves and I don’t think they deserve to be compared with consensual sex sequences (for example, the one from Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo: the Iron Man). Mainstream science-fiction movies are proving to be a sufficient source of bizarre sex scenes. Space machines that cause murderous orgasms? Sex with a glowing visitor from another planet? Making love with special helmets? If you want the above and more, please read on. At the same time, all those who feel excessive excitement while reading, I recommend that you see a doctor.

Barbarella (1968)

barbarella The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies

In the case of Barbarella, it’s easy to get excited. Anyone who has seen the opening scene of Roger Vadim’s zero-gravity striptease performed by the dazzling Jane Fonda knows what I’m talking about. Barbarella is the ultimate example of frivolous and sexy sci-fi. However, it would be unfair not to mention that Vadim’s film is also a testimony to the times in which it was made. It fits perfectly into the period of the apogee of youth contestation in 1968. All this is extremely interesting, and you can watch Jane Fonda taking off the successive elements of the suit indefinitely, but I’m not here for that.

Barbarella is on this list primarily because of the famous scene showing the operation of the wicked pleasure machine Durand Durand (Milo O’Shea). It is with her help that the villain of the film tries to kill the main character by subjecting her to extreme sexual stimulation. However, it turns out that his peculiar piano-like equipment loses to the insatiable Barbarella – eventually the device overheats and bursts into flames. Durand Durand’s machine was most likely loosely based on Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator. Though maybe it was an attempt to make fun of the idea? The invention of the Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst was supposed to help treat diseases and prevent wars, not kill a man with an orgasm.

Starman (1984)

starman The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies jeff bridges karen allen

John Carpenter’s Starman is a science fiction film only in its beginning and end. Everything in the middle is a combination of road cinema and romance. Starman could have turned out to be a stupid and funny work, but the production and, above all, the acting made it an extremely warm and sympathetic film. Here is the Man from the Stars (Jeff Bridges) taking the form of Jenny’s (Karen Allen) late husband. Although he must first master the human body, which at first resembles the movements of a robotic pigeon, and Jenny is terrified of the whole clone, soon – while on the run from government officials – the two will develop a romance. This brings us to the scene of the love act between the main characters. It takes place on a train and is rather subtle and fits well with the film’s atmosphere. However, its context is strange. After all, Jenny realizes that her husband is dead, and this guy dressed in the skin of a lost lover is a visitor from the stars. So the whole situation reeks of some kind of cosmic necrophilia, from which a child will also arise. However, this does not change the fact that the Starman is a really successful and deeply moving love story.

Cocoon (1985)

cocoon The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies steve guttenberg naked

Classifying aliens from outer space on the basis of the possibility of intercourse, two types of aliens can be distinguished. Some aliens, taking a human form, thus become capable of making love at the same time, while for others this physical act is impossible to perform. This last type of alien is featured in Ron Howard’s Cocoon. One can therefore sympathize a little with the man – Jack Bonner (Steve Guttenberg), who is infatuated with a cosmic being with a beautiful Tahnee Welch’s shell, although on the other hand he experienced an intense Antarian process of penetration replacing earthly sex. The way it works is that an extraterrestrial being (thankfully without having to remove its skin) provides pleasure to its partner through thought. Then they spin like fireballs around the room where the lovers are, to finally find the other person and penetrate them. Judging from Jack’s face, Antarian sex is great. However, we do not fully know whether the whole or only part of the love act of the aliens from the Cocoon has been shown. Bonner doesn’t seem to know either, because all he says afterward is “if this is just foreplay, I’m done.”

Species (1995)

species The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies natasha henstridge in a pool

Let’s go back to aliens having the ability to make physical love. Of course, no sane person would excitedly pounce on a stranger if it resembled some monstrous amphibian, reptile, or arthropod (except Eliza from The Shape of Water). This is why aliens take human form. They usually choose beautiful women or very rarely handsome men (as if they knew the earthly canons of beauty). In Species we are dealing with an alien in the body of the insane Natasha Henstridge. In Roger Donaldson’s film, it’s actually about the group chasing Sil, preventing her from getting intimate with a healthy guy. The result of such a sexual act would be an immediate pregnancy and another alien threatening our planet. Sil is seductive, sexy and willing. Unfortunately, he often makes the same mistake. He is too quick to mention to potential sexual partners that he wants to have children. When one of them finds out during a romantic dip in the pool and suggests to Sil to chill out a bit, she decides to kill him. The tentacles of the monster under the beautiful woman’s shell come out of virtually every part of her body to murder the gallant gentleman.

The genre, apart from the strange erotic scenes, also contains an important lesson for many men. If you’re not a so-called hottie, and you’re still attracted to a girl of insane beauty, then you’re probably dealing with an alien. Very smart and bitter this Donaldson movie, isn’t it?

Demolition Man (1993)

demolition man The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies sandra bullock sylvester stallone virtual sex

The sex scene in Demolition Man is a bit like the one in Cocoon. The difference, however, is that in Marco Brambilla’s film, the characters have all the physical capabilities to undertake what John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) puts it, banging, poking, good-natured, because they are human. Meanwhile, in the near future (2030s), the traditional act of love has been replaced by virtual sex. The couple sits facing each other, puts on helmets and transfers sexual energy to each other. It’s a bit disturbing, especially since 2032 is coming soon, and VR glasses can be bought even in discount stores. But let’s hope that John Spartan’s philosophy will prevail in this case. By the way, I am not surprised at all by the irritation of the hero of Demolition Man. After 40 years of hibernation, he had the opportunity to get intimate with a woman with the face and body of Sandra Bullock.

The Lawnmower Man (1992)

The Lawnmower Man The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies virtual sex

Speaking of virtual reality, we should not forget about the film in which the motion capture technique was used for the first time on such a large scale. Let me just remind you that The Lawnmower Man is a production from 1992, i.e. from the period before the premiere of the first Pentium. Of the eight computer-generated minutes of the film, three were devoted to the sex scene. The effect is terrifying. Lovers dressed in a cyber diver costume attach themselves to a metal harness, put on special helmets equipped with goggles and dive into a virtual reality which is completely tasteless. However, that’s not the worst thing. The real headache in The Lawnmower Man is virtual sex. Two digitally generated characters kiss, then their bodies fuse to form something resembling a dragonfly (?). Later, it gets even weirder as the lovers separate and the male figure transforms into a monster spitting some unidentified liquid at the female.

My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988)

My Stepmother Is an Alien The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies dan aykroyd kim basinger in bed

But let’s get back to the more pleasant, if still strange, erotic scenes in science fiction cinema. This one from My Stepmother Is an Alien is on the list for two reasons. The first is the fact that Richard Benjamin’s production is, after all, a representative of broadly understood family cinema. So most of us became acquainted with the beautiful Celeste (Kim Basinger) in our teens, perhaps even when we didn’t know anything about these things. In any case, Kim Basinger in a skimpy satin nightgown has launched hitherto unknown areas of the imagination of most boys. The second reason has to do with a strange creature hidden in the alien’s purse. Well, it teaches Celeste what sex is, using pornographic films recorded on VHS tapes about the adventures of a certain Debbie as teaching aids. Dan Aykroyd looked pleased afterwards. However, is this a good idea for a family film scene and a lesson in upbringing to live in a family? I would argue.

Splice (2009)

splice The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies

24 years ago, Dolly the sheep was born, the first animal to be cloned from adult cells. Two years ago, Barbra Streisand revealed that two of her Coton de Tuléar dogs were cloned from cells taken from her dog, Samantha, who died three years ago. Last year, however, the world was informed that the Japanese government approved the first experiments, as a result of which scientists will be able to create embryos containing human cells and implant them in the bodies of living animals. Therefore, the question arises: do not any of these decision makers, scientists and stars watch sci-fi movies? Let’s take Vincenzo Natali’s Splice. After all, we are dealing here with a human-animal hybrid, whose behavior should be a warning to everyone messing with DNA. However, the very irresponsible activity of its creators/parents has a huge impact on the title creature. Clive (Adrien Brody) has sex with Dren (the name of the creature played by Delphine Chanéac). To emphasize the strangeness of this case, let me just remind you that Clive is cheating on Elsa (Sarah Poley) with her child, who is a human-animal hybrid. Not enough madness? Let’s fast forward to the very end of the video, where the same Dren turns out to be a male/male and impregnates Elsa, the “anonymous” DNA donor for the creation of the hybrid. For me, that’s a bit too much.

BONUS: Alien (1979)

alien The most BIZARRE SEX SCENES in science fiction movies facehugger

Alien has probably been interpreted on every possible level. Sexuality was also one of the directions of analysis. And although in Ridley Scott’s masterpiece we will not find a scene of intercourse traditionally understood by humans, we can and even should look at the alien’s development process from his perspective. It seems, therefore, that sex from the point of view of the iconic creature is everything that happens when the facehugger is on the face of the host. The face catcher grabs the victim’s head with its legs, and the tail tied around the unfortunate’s neck protects the second stage of alien development from possible interference by third parties. The affected body is constantly supplied with oxygen through a special tube. At the same time, another tube-like element of the facehugger is used to introduce the embryo down the victim’s throat, which is eventually lodged in the victim’s chest and then matures into the next stage of development, the chestburster. That’s sex! Weird, alien, but sex.

What other weird sex scenes from sci-fi movies come to mind? Do you like the above list? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Przemysław Mudlaff

Przemysław Mudlaff

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