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Celebrities who LIKE to participate in SEX SCENES

The time has come to present stars who not so much dared to play their part in the sex scene, but openly admitted that they had no problem with it, and even liked it.

Maja Budka

23 July 2023

Some time ago we wrote about actors who did not dare to appear in bold erotic scenes and decided to use the services of a double. Now it’s time to present the stars who not so much dared to play their part in the sex sequence, but openly admitted that they had no problem with it, and even liked it. It is true that this list still concerns a fake intercourse (you can read about real sex in front of the camera too), but for many actors imitating sexual intercourse is still an extremely delicate and awkward topic, not to say taboo. The profession of an actor, however, is associated with great dedication, considerable emotions and many awkwardnesses that some artists, including those described below, were able to cope with, even when the strict eyes of the cameras and a film crew of several dozen are staring at them.

Julianne Moore

julianne moore

Julianne Moore does not shy away from nude scenes, as evidenced by her numerous acting creations, which were often associated with bed performances. In 1997, as a 37-year-old, she starred in daring sex scenes in the film Boogie Nights, and in Body of Evidence, her sweaty character Sharon Dulaney indulged in sensual carnal pleasure in the arms of her husband, played by Willem Dafoe himself. The one of the last films in which the actress boldly and freely plays with her body is Gloria Bell, a film by Sebastián Lelio, the director of, among others, Una Mujer Fantástica. On the occasion of the premiere of this film, Moore confessed to People magazine about her approach to the film’s, in her opinion, too unrealistic sex scenes. “People never have sex the way it looks on screen. When you watch old sex movies, you see someone tearing someone else’s blouse. I’d be pissed if someone ruined my clothes during sex.” She also adds: “It’s easy to have sex with someone you know well. What we wanted to include in Gloria Bell was realism. We wanted it to feel real, not artificial.” As the actress explains, Gloria Bell tells the story of a woman who makes a new bed relationship, which means that the creators, including the actress herself, hide a pinch of awkwardness in the erotic scenes, which is obvious during the first sexual experience with someone new.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

For many actors, shooting sex scenes is deadly serious business. Some cannot cope with the pressure, which is why they refuse similar performances, while others, such as Julianne Moore, play with the topic of sex, wanting to smuggle an anti-Hollywood image of human corporeality into the film. There are also artists such as Olivia Wilde who, during many years of working on film sets, have developed an appropriate distance to it. The actress appeared naked, among others, in Third Person or Drinking Buddies, in sex scenes you can see her in the Meadowland, Deadfall or in the TV series Vinyl. When asked by Fox News, the woman told about her relaxed attitude to nude scenes and more. Speaking directly about the sex sequences, she laughed, revealing the sad truth: “People think it’s a really exciting and sexy thing, but I always want to laugh because I’m actually being watched by a 50-person film crew. You try to do it, you stop and start again, someone yells at you, ‘Can you move your arm, put your arm down, ok, keep it up, more, more…’.

Mindy Kaling

mindy kaling

The American is known mainly from the hit TV series The Office. She also plays the lead role in The Mindy Project, in which Mindy, a busy gynecologist, is looking for love straight from romantic comedies, appearing in several sex scenes, including anal sex – the first in the history of television. Recently, the actress also found herself in another role – a writer. In 2015, the Mindy published her book Why not Me?, which consists mostly of humorous essays in which Kaling describes her experiences and observations about Hollywood. One chapter of the book was titled I Love Sex Scenes! In it, she describes why she is so attracted to landing with other actors in bed. As she writes herself: “Sex on the screen is, of course, not real sexual penetration, but as any religious high school student will tell you, simulated intercourse can be just as enjoyable.” However, this is not the end of the controversy. The actress later confesses that she is not alone in her opinion. She believes that many actors have similar fond memories of acting out sex scenes, they just won’t admit it, and the main reason for this is to protect their partner from jealousy. “Actors are the only people in the world who are allowed to engage in extramarital physical activity without repercussions. Zero. […] If you’re the unlucky spouse of an actor, the last thing you want to hear is that he/she enjoyed the faked cheating on camera very much.”

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

“My orgasmic expression was immortalized forever.” This intimate confession was made by Twilight star Robert Pattinson during an interview with the German magazine Interview. The actor talked about the 2008 film Little Ashes, in which he played the role of Salvador Dali. As the painting was about the genuine passion between the Spanish painter and the poet Federico García Lorca, Pattinson was involved in many gay love scenes, including the most famous one, taking place in the water at night. The man wanted the erotic sequence to look authentic. Hence the actor’s idea that, as he said in an interview, he actually masturbated during this scene, so that his orgasm didn’t look artificial. “Pretending just doesn’t work, so I decided to masturbate in front of the camera,” he adds. Later, Pattinson also starred in a sex scene with Patricia McKenzie, not as sensual as in the previous production in question, made for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. In an interview with The Sun, he admitted that he has no problem with scenes of sex or nudity. “I think it’s much more difficult for actresses who worry about how similar images will be used by the media and how often female nudity material is spread online.”

Lena Dunham

lena dunham

Lena Dunham cannot be associated with prudishness, but with naturalness. Nudity in her original series Girls, in which she plays the main character, plays a significant role, and the fact that a woman cannot boast of a supermodel body does not bother her at all, on the contrary – it helps. In nude scenes, the woman puts special emphasis on realism and naturalness. As she admitted in an interview with CBS News, “What I love is movies from the seventies where the hero gets out of bed and you see half of his nipple because that’s what a man who just got out of bed looks like.” During the filming of the sex scenes, Dunhan is not characterized by chastity. As she admits, from the beginning, when she started working on the series, her priority was to present an image of sexual intercourse that is devoid of artificiality and idealization. Therefore, the woman had to develop a free, distanced attitude towards such scenes. “I’m not afraid of sex scenes […]. I feel most vulnerable when I have to show love, happiness, show emotional involvement. It’s really easy to do a sex scene when you look bored or confused,” the actress confesses. “I stopped wearing a nude costume after the first season of Girls. You stick it to your body, and when you sweat, it always comes off,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, adding: “There isn’t a guy who works on a show who hasn’t seen the inside of my vagina yet.”

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, although she seems to be a modest and delicate woman, has many brave roles to her credit, often related to exposing herself or sensual nudity. She tempted with her body as the pink-haired stripper Alice in the film Closer, she appeared without clothes in films such as V for Vendetta, Planetarium or Goya’s Ghosts. However, in 2010, the actress in an interview with the magazine Elle UK expressed her bitterness, talking about nude performances, and more specifically about the purposes for which these materials are distributed on the Internet. “I’m definitely not prudish about sex or nudity. I just don’t want to do something that will end up as a screenshot from a porn site anyway.” She also added that she wanted to be seen as an actress, not a sex symbol. However, this did not change the artist’s approach to film erotic scenes. Of course, we are talking about the most famous such scene with Portman, the sequence of lesbian sex in a duet with Mila Kunis in the movie Black Swan. A year earlier, in 2009, Portman in the winter issue of V magazine revealed the details of a spicy scene with Mila Kunis, telling, among other things, about her preferences. She admitted that the scene helped the actress “discover her own sexual identity, likes and dislikes.” “But the more I think about it, the more weird it is to think about those things while shooting a movie,” she adds.

Jon Hamm

jon hamm

Jon Hamm spent 8 years on the set of Mad Man, playing the main character, Don Draper – a womanizer entangled in many affairs. The character has slept with almost every woman he has co-starred with in a scene, so it’s clear that acting out sexual intercourse in front of the camera is no stranger to him. Hamm also shared a bed with actress Kristen Wiig on the set of the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids, details of which he revealed in a 2012 Playboy interview. About the sex scene, he said, “It’s like running in the rain. You suddenly find yourself at a point where you’re like, ‘screw it, I’m all wet now, I’m not going to be any less wet, so I might as well enjoy it.’ Of course, it’s awkward to rub against an actress while in weird nude lingerie. […] It’s weird and uncomfortable at first, but then all the awkwardness melts away and you think, ‘You’re where you are, you’ve got to do it, so why not enjoy it?’

Maja Budka

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