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Actors who DIDN’T WANT to TOUCH each other

Do actors have the right to object to the director and say that they don’t want to touch each other in the film?

Martyna Janasik

25 July 2023

Fighting on a movie set is normal. Anyone can have an argument. Working with these actors was certainly not easy. Some of them didn’t want to kiss. Others refused to even stay in the same room. Here are the actors who didn’t want to touch themselves.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

Before Blake Lively became the happy wife of Ryan Reynolds and the mother of their bunch of children, she was in love with her co-star Penn Badgley. Lively and Badgley met on the set of Gossip Girl. She played Serena van der Woodsen on Dan Humphrey. The actors fell in love around the same time as the series Serena and Dan. When Lively and Badgley split up, Serena and Dan’s relationship also ended, prompting fans to speculate that it was because of Lively and Badgley’s end of love that Serena and Dan were separated. The actors reportedly did not tell the creators of the series for some time that they are no longer together. Their lack of chemistry and awkwardness in dealing with each other, however, was to be so evident that they decided to stop their characters from touching each other completely, which is why they parted ways. Years later, Penn Badgley was asked about his best and worst movie kiss. In both cases, Badgley pointed out to Blake Lively, saying that when they originally kissed on screen, they were a couple, and when the fate of their separated characters brought them back together again, the kiss with Lively was awkward as they were no longer a couple in their private lives by then.

Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence once starred in the sitcom Martin where he played a narcissistic presenter living in Chicago with his girlfriend Gina played by Tisha Campbell. The show’s love interest hit turbulence when Tisha Campbell left the show after hearing a story of an incident in which Lawrence allegedly threatened and abused his wife Patricia Southall and their child. Reportedly, when producers tried to sue her to return to work, she countered them, accusing Lawrence of repeated and escalating sexual harassment, sexual battery, verbal abuse, and related threats. The case went to court but was settled outside the courtroom. Campbell only agreed to return to work on the condition that she would never share a set with Lawrence again. Years later, the actors buried the hatchet when it was announced that there would be a reunion of the cast of the sitcom.

Neal McDonough and Virginia Madsen

How do you shoot love scenes and kissing shots when the actor refuses to perform the action and indicates that he will not touch the actress and will not even lie down with her in the same bed? It’s not possible! That’s why Neal McDonough was stripped of his role in Scoundrels. After three days of shooting, McDonough was replaced by David James Elliott due to his strict religious beliefs and refusal to film sex scenes. The actor himself confirmed this story and explained his point of view in an interview in 2016.

Killing people on screen is fiction, McDonough told the Christian Examiner in 2016. When you’re in bed with another woman on screen – guess what? That’s true. I don’t like such things. Especially now that I have kids, I don’t want my kids to be like, “Hey dad, what are you doing with that lady on the screen?”

Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn

Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn known from Game of Thrones are said to sincerely hate each other. Is that why they never shared a screen together? Yes. It turns out that the actors were a couple in 2002 and ended the relationship in a very stormy and violent way, leaving only feelings of hatred for each other. There are rumors that the actors do not talk to each other. Reportedly, before starting work on Game of Thrones, Headey asked the producers to arrange that she never had to share the screen with Flynn at the same time. The conflict was mostly skillfully handled through the series’ production, with a few flashes of drama here and there, such as the season seven encounter at King’s Landing when Bronn bluntly says he’d rather go for a drink than be present at the biggest political discussion. The Sun reports that both stars have kept it a secret and no one from the show or HBO has ever commented on it.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn

Remember the Christmas comedy Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn? It’s that movie where a couple in love visit their parents one Christmas, and that’s four stars because each of their parents has a new family. The comedy came out well, but no one was laughing on the set. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn apparently hate each other. Although they touch each other in the film, they avoid each other like the plague in real life. The tension during the filming of Four Stars was so great that the sex scene between the actors was cut because Witherspoon did not even want to pretend to be intimate with Vaughn. It is also rumored that after finishing work on the film, Vaughn specifically committed to the new project so as not to be present at the premiere of Four Christmases, wanting to avoid being in the same space with Witherspoon.

Martyna Janasik

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