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It’s a beautiful summer.

Maciej Niedźwiedzki

29 May 2023


It’s a beautiful summer. High temperatures and cloudless skies encourage you to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The hot air warmed the water in the nearby river. Nothing, just wallow in it at will. Roads and bicycle paths cross the forests, tempting with the prospect of a blissful trip. Thickly covered with leaves, trees provide shade for anyone who would like to hide from the sun’s rays. Idyllic conditions for a family picnic. For rest and relaxation, for spending time together, for casual activities. In a healthy body, healthy mind. Birds fly overhead and their singing comes from every direction.

The father is a conscientious and responsible man. He works in a high-ranking position in a state-owned company. This one is right next to the house, wall to wall. He manages a thriving company and is responsible for several thousand people. He may even be promoted in the near future. Daily calls to superiors, negotiating projects, creating opportunities for potential development and modernization. Reporting progress and achievements. Letters always sent on time. Meetings with architects and engineers. It’s best to surround yourself with specialists. They will always propose the most effective technical solutions. They will indicate opportunities for savings, opportunities for optimization. In the evenings, as a father, he always finds time to read bedtime stories to his daughters and waits for them to fall asleep. The two most beloved beings on Earth.

It’s vacation time for kids. Trips to the forest with parents, bathing and playing with the dog. In the morning, filling breakfasts, then races on the always mowed, dense and deep green lawn. A special attraction is the garden swimming pool. Perfect to cool off quickly when the heat starts to get too hot. Children certainly feel the warmth of their family home, they appreciate the care, time and attention that their parents devote to them. Clothes always ironed and bed linen regularly replaced with fresh ones. Enough of everything. On the floor a set of various toys. It’s impossible to ever get bored. A loving, safe home.

The mother does not work, but she is tired of working with the children, organizing meals and tending the garden. She greatly appreciates the diligence and successes of her husband. She supports him in every decision he makes. Of course, there are minor misunderstandings, but by the evening they always manage to agree and go to bed like the closest friends. It is a relationship built on trust and shared values. There are always two maids to help. Four children and a large, three-story house provide just the right amount of responsibilities. This is the correct order of things. She couldn’t have wished for a better place to live. She is fulfilled and happy. Her mother is coming to visit for the weekend. Guided around all corners, she will say with delight: “what a place you have settled here!”. There is nothing else to do but to sincerely nod to her, with undisguised satisfaction.

Various shrubs grow in the garden. Of course, properly trimmed and well-groomed. There is even a section dedicated to greenhouses. After all, nothing tastes as good as home-grown vegetables. Soul-soothing green everywhere. There is no strength for anything to destroy this peace, this dreamed-up microworld. Flowers and herbs bloomed against the gray wall. Another reason to be proud. Harvest, but also the effect of hard work and patience. Vegetation requires the right approach, special sensitivity. Behind the wall, you can sometimes hear screams, bursts of gunfire, barking dogs and hard-working machines. A little further on, dark smoke rises from the chimneys. It’s a beautiful summer.

Maciej Niedźwiedzki

Maciej Niedźwiedzki

Cinema took a long time to give us its greatest masterpiece, which is Brokeback Mountain. However, I would take the Toy Story series with me to a deserted island. I pay the most attention to animations and the festival in Cannes. There is only one art that can match cinema: football.

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