Tomasz Raczkowski

Tomasz Raczkowski

Anthropologist, critic, enthusiast of social cinema, British humor and horror films.

Quo vadis STAR WARS, or a few thoughts after the third season of THE MANDALORIAN

Following productions from the Star Wars universe is getting tiresome.

OBSESSION, or an erotic thriller with zero libido from Netflix [REVIEW]

“Obsession” is built on the almost archetypal motif of erotic fascination between an older man and a young woman.

X roles in which MIA GOTH proved that she is a REAL STAR

Mia Goth is one of the most interesting actresses of the young generation.

HARRY POTTER is reportedly coming back as an HBO series. Why there is no reason for optimism

One may suspect that, regardless of the details, the “Harry Potter” reboot is a set to be done one way or another and one is left to...

game of thrones oberyn

GAME OF THRONES. "The Mountain and the Viper", or when Pedro Pascal's head exploded

In retrospect, it was one of the last truly great moments of the show, which was about to lose its panache and idea for many characters or plots.

COCAINE BEAR. The fatal effects of drug use [Review]

The driving force of Cocaine Bear are classically arranged scenes of bear attacks punctuated with grotesque humour.


EMILY THE CRIMINAL. Indie crime story with Aubrey Plaza

Emily the Criminal stands out both as a crime thriller and as a classic indie movie.


COPENHAGEN COWBOY. Neon revenge [Review]

Copenhagen Cowboy is a tiresome show.

MOONAGE DAYDREAM. David Bowie lives

Moonage Daydream is, naturally, a must-see item for anyone who is somehow familiar with David Bowie’s music.