Tomasz Raczkowski

Tomasz Raczkowski

Anthropologist, critic, enthusiast of social cinema, British humor and horror films.

DREAM SCENARIO. Dreaming about Nicolas Cage [REVIEW]

The greatest asset that Borgli had at his disposal for “Dream Scenario” is undoubtedly Nicolas Cage cast in the role of Paul.

PASSAGES. Pain of Existence, Triangles, and Hipster Sex [REVIEW]

“Passages” is a classic melodrama built on the theme of a love triangle.

SLOTHERHOUSE. Charming massacre [REVIEW]

I think I’ve touched on the creators’ key problem in Slotherhouse – they included so many elements in the film that they probably...

PAIN HUSTLERS. Emily Blunt Battles Cancer [REVIEW]

That’s the paradox of Pain Hustlers – everything is in place, everything seems to work, but the whole is somehow uninteresting and not...

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S. A Solid Hit for Halloween [REVIEW]

I decided to go see Five Nights at Freddy’s and see how this film fares for someone who hasn’t even been near the game or its derivatives....

BIRD TALK. Perverse Genius

Thematically, Bird Talk is a collage of unabashed truisms, literary and cinematic inspirations, and reflections on the contemporary world and art.

Blood rituals, sects and evil forces, or PAGAN HORROR

Let’s look at pagan horror – focused on secret cults, religious sects and blood rituals.

Fear the DEVIL. SATANIC and occult HORROR movies

Fear the DEVIL. SATANIC and occult HORROR movies

Nothing scares as much as the unknown and incomprehensible. Therefore, the foundation of any sense of threat in our culture is the figure of the Devil...

A surreal daydream. Why ATLANTA is a MASTERPIECE of television

“Atlanta” is a sum of freely woven stories, arranged into something like a dream, or perhaps more like a psychedelic trip, in which the...

Quo vadis STAR WARS, or a few thoughts after the third season of THE MANDALORIAN

Following productions from the Star Wars universe is getting tiresome.