Jakub Piwoński

Jakub Piwoński

Cultural expert, passionate about popular culture, in particular films, series, computer games and comics. He likes to fly away to unknown, fantastic regions, thanks to his fascination with science fiction. Professionally, however, he looks back more often, thanks to his work as a museum promotion specialist, investigating the mysteries of the beginnings of cinematography. His favorite film is "The Matrix", because it combines two areas close to his heart - religion and martial arts.

HARDWARE. Post-apocalyptic vision intertwined with the tradition of cyberpunk

Hardware is one manifestation of the imaginative combination of two subgenres of science fiction

GATTACA. An extraordinary science fiction film

Several factors speak to why Gattaca is such an incredibly good film in the context of the genre it represents.

GODZILLA. The Birth of a Pop Culture Icon

Godzilla is a pop culture phenomenon, built upon a foundation of dozens of films and a slightly smaller yet equally impressive base of books,...

PRIMER: Time Travel in a Hard Science Fiction Version

Exceptionally modest film that, in its time travel narrative, managed to maintain the scientific accuracy of the events depicted while simultaneously...

WHAT LIES BENEATH. Zemeckis winks at Hitchcock

What Lies Beneath uses music sparingly, trying to create the right mood through silence.

johnny mnemonic keanu reeves

JOHNNY MNEMONIC. Quintessentially cyberpunk

Johnny Mnemonic is, for me, the quintessence of cyberpunk – as it strongly fetishizes technology, as implied by the “cyber,” and equally...

Video GAMES that are PERFECTLY suited for ADAPTATION into a FILM or SERIES

DUNKIRK. Not as good as people think

Dunkirk is a textbook example of form over substance.

TOM CRUISE and the midlife crisis. What's WRONG with the new MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE?

We are dealing with a sixty-year-old who behaves a bit as if he had taken Viagra and stubbornly tried to show the world how virulent he is…

GODZILLA VS. KONG. It's a hit!

This is a movie that is 100% fit for the big screen.