Jakub Piwoński

Jakub Piwoński

Cultural expert, passionate about popular culture, in particular films, series, computer games and comics. He likes to fly away to unknown, fantastic regions, thanks to his fascination with science fiction. Professionally, however, he looks back more often, thanks to his work as a museum promotion specialist, investigating the mysteries of the beginnings of cinematography. His favorite film is "The Matrix", because it combines two areas close to his heart - religion and martial arts.

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THE OLD MAN. Jeff Bridges has still got it, but the writers don't support him

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BLACK MIRROR. "San Junipero", or homoerotic science fiction with a heavenly twist

Personally, not only do I think this is the best episode of Black Mirror season three, but it’s also the best episode in the context of the...


X. No Sex For Old Men

Contrary to the catchy title – don’t let it encourage you to put a cross on the film

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The Best SCIENCE FICTION Movies of 2022

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