Jan Tracz

Jan Tracz

A journalist with four years of experience in the cultural industry (film, music, literature, politics). Writer for respected Polish and English sites and magazines, interviewed most famous stars, writers, actors, talents, directors and musicians (incl. Alejandro González Iñárritu, Lasse Hallström, Matthew Lewis, David Thomson, Richard Dyer, Rachel Shenton, Tom Wlaschiha, Lena Olin, Jenna Elfman, Lennie James, Yannick Bisson, Ximena Lamadrid, Malcolm Storry, Alexandra Savior). Current Film Studies MA student at King's College London.

SAW X. Unwatchable cinema [REVIEW]

The latest Saw is unwatchable cinema, the kind that can’t be experienced without covering your eyes.

THE PROMISED LAND BASTARDEN Historical drama with a discrete allure

THE PROMISED LAND. Historical drama with a discrete allure

The new historical drama starring Mads Mikkelsen has a certain indescribable allure, an attractive concentration of events.

PRISCILLA. (Un)sweet and (un)cinematic tale [REVIEW]

COUP DE CHANCE. Woody Allen's Best Film in Years [REVIEW]

THE PALACE: Polanski Didn't Make a Bad Film [REVIEW]

The negative reviews of The Palace appear as an attempt to deny reality; a shame that we derive enjoyment from “uncle’s humor.”

FERRARI. Throne of Blood [Review]

the lighthouse robert eggers robert pattinson willem dafoe

THE LIGHTHOUSE Review. Consuming Anxiety

The black-and-white aesthetic harmonizes brilliantly with the sea breeze, lending The Lighthouse a mysterious atmosphere very much in Conrad’s...

parks and rec

PARKS AND RECREATION. Like a cozy hearth

Welcome to Pawnee. A town without complexes, with a clear sense of self from start to finish, with a host of first-rate characters and a unique,...

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. The BEST episode of Star Wars

The power of “Star Wars”.

LUCKY HANK. A tale of an ill-tempered scholar

Bob Odenkirk vexes other lowbrow colleagues from the underfunded college in AMC’s promising comedy drama.