Who could play the adult versions of STRANGER THINGS kids?

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Filip Pęziński

24 November 2022

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Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s biggest series hits, draws handfuls from Stephen King’s It, the iconic book that was adapted twice (in 1990 with Tim Curry as a demonic clown and in 2017-2019 with Bill Skarsgård in the same role) about a pack of teenagers facing a paranormal threat. It was this element that was the main inspiration for the now iconic Stranger Things pack – Will, Lucas, Max (since the second season), Dustin, Mike and, of course, Eleven. However, an important element of It was also the time jump, through which we met the adult incarnations of the Losers Club. Will the creators of the Netflix series ever be tempted to do something similar? It would be extremely interesting (maybe in the final season?).

It’s worth adding that I realize that the actors presented are not perfectly the same age (neither are the young actors from Stranger Things – Caleb McLaughlin, for example, is three years older than Noah Schnapp), but I believe that the magic of television could make them peers, and even the considerable differences in the ages of the individual stars would not stand in the way here.

Will - Dan Stevens

stranger thingsDan Stevens, known for FX’s Legion, among others, is not only an extremely talented and charismatic actor, but also, above all, one who can effectively give his character the qualities of mystery and withdrawal. Traits that, in my opinion, Will – first trapped in another dimension, then becoming a host for the monster inhabiting it – will carry throughout his life.

Lucas - John David Washington

stranger things

John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington, is slowly but effectively and consistently building his career. Participation in Stranger Things would certainly be the next stage of professional development for him, and in my opinion he is a perfect match for the serious and always focused Lucas.

Max - Karen Gillan

stranger thingsMax, who joined the famous pack in the second season of the series, was portrayed from the beginning as a very strong character who broke stereotypes – she rode a skateboard, played vending machines brilliantly, and easily found her way into the crazy world of the main characters. For her adult version, the red-haired Karen Gillan, equally brave on screen (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jumanji) is a perfect match.

Dustin - Josh Gad

stranger thingsDustin is definitely one of the greatest comic reliefs of the entire series (I’m not diminishing his other qualities and merits!), and an actor with the comedic flair and physiognomy we expect from an adult Dustin would definitely work well in this role. My suggestion is Josh Gad.

Mike - Bill Hader

stranger thingsIt’s worth noting that It and Stranger Things share more than inspirations. In the latest film adaptation of the book, one of the roles is played by Finn Wolfhard, known for his role as Mike in the Netflix series. In turn, the adult version of the same character in It was played by Bill Harder. He did it so convincingly that I don’t see the point of looking for another actor for the role of adult Mike.

Eleven - Natalie Portman

stranger thingsFinally, I will not be original, because the Internet very quickly and very rightly so pointed out the physical resemblance of Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman. And since at the same time Portman is one of Hollywood’s best actresses, she also seems the perfect choice for the role of the adult Eleven.

How do you like these suggestions? Maybe you have your own? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Filip Pęziński

Filip Pęziński

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