The third season of EUPHORIA. What do we already know and what do we assume?

What can we expect in the third season of Euphoria?

Maja Budka

2 July 2023

The third season of Sam Levinson’s Euphoria is already confirmed, but its premiere is not exactly known. So there were guesses and suspicions about what will happen to the characters of the series when they return to the screens. The last episode left a lot of room for thinking about this topic. So let’s take a look at what we already know and what we don’t know but can guess.

Beware of spoilers! The text reveals the end of the second season!

Rue, Jules and Elliot

The second season ended quite positively for Rue. The girl admitted to viewers that she remained clean until the end of the school year. It seems that the main character has already touched the final bottom and now she may want to really change her life. Perhaps this is a harbinger of Rue’s recovery from addiction. The heroine, through a symbolic kiss of Jules on the forehead, also gave hope for reconciling with her former girlfriend. They will probably rebuild their relationship in season 3. Personally, however, I doubt that they would get back together as a full-fledged couple. The last clash of the characters and the words that were spoken there may prevent them from rebuilding an emotional relationship on such a level. They may also have to confront Jules and Elliot’s romance.

Moreover, fans had doubts about Elliot’s character. Be that as it may, the hero did not take root in the plot enough to make his presence in the next season indispensable. However, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Elliot’s impersonator Dominic Fike confirmed that he will return in season 3. In addition, Rue has become closer to Lexi again, which may mean that in season 3 the girls will be on a slightly better note. But let’s not forget about Laurie and the lost suitcase full of drugs that ended up in the sewer. Laurie’s words should ring in our ears: “I always find a way to get my money back.” Perhaps, however, Faye’s words in the final episode of the season will have consequences, and Laurie will end up in prison, which may have a salutary effect on Rue.

Fezco and Lexi

“Fexi” really messed up in the minds of viewers. It was also one of my favorite threads of the season, and “Stand by me” has never sounded so good. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario has come true. Fez never made it to Lexi’s show. Nor did he leave the house, though he was already wearing a neatly pressed suit and a bouquet of red roses ready. The murder of Mouse from last season followed the characters until the last episode of season 2, culminating with the police raid on Fez and Ashtray’s house. In the final, Fez was captured and detained. He also managed to get shot in the stomach with a pistol. Although the wound looked serious, I think it was only meant to scare the viewers. I’m sure we’ll see him again in season 3. Probably, however, the hero will be served time (if not for complicity in the murder of Mouse, then maybe at least for drug trafficking).

It is also worth mentioning the mysterious letter that appeared in the drastic scene of the police raid. In addition to a bouquet of roses, Fez also had an envelope marked “Lexi.” We don’t know what was in it. We can assume that it was supposed to symbolize romantic intentions towards the girl. Hope is given by an interview with Angus Cloud for “Vulture”, in which the actor (who plays Fezco) revealed that season 3 may be full of more events related to Fexi. He also hinted that the couple may have a future together.


Things are not colorful here. Ashtray and Fezco’s arc is one of the most emotional and dramatic in the second season. The younger half-brother chose a desperate fight over a peaceful surrender to the police, which may have cost him his life. In the last seconds, we saw one of the police officers aiming straight at the middle of the boy’s forehead, and then a shot was fired. In the next shot, Ashtray was lying limp on the ground. However, I refrain from finally putting a cross on Ashtraya’s name. Perhaps because of the insight I have for this hero, but something keeps me hoping that the hero could have survived. I cling to the thought that when Ashtray lay as if he had been dealt the death blow, there was no visible wound or blood on the floor. Could that mean the cop missed? We’ll see. However, there is a good chance that we will not see the Ashlander again, and you need to prepare for that.


The role of the eccentric Faye becomes more and more significant. After her boyfriend Custer is killed (having betrayed Fezco and Ashlander and given their contact details to the police), the girl’s future is not entirely known. However, it seems to me that her adventure with Euforia does not end here. In the last episode, Faye is no longer just a third-plan character looming somewhere in the background. She took matters into her own hands, first telling Fezco by dropping a glass that they were being overheard, then accusing Laurie of Mouse’s murder so as to confuse the police. These words can mess up the story. Faye has been detained and will likely be questioned on the matter. The actress who plays Faye, Chloe Cherry, revealed in an interview with Variety that she would like her character to get closer to Rue and the other characters of the series in the next installment. She also mentioned that Faye could learn a lot from Rue as they share their experiences with drugs.

Cassie, Maddy and Kat

The girls of Euphoria will certainly have their new dilemmas in the upcoming season of the series. Viewers finally got an intense clash between Cassie and Maddy, which ended with Cassie’s nose smashed and the latter’s bruised ankle. However, it seems that this is where the friends’ quarrel may end. In the season 2 finale, the girls are sitting in the ladies room talking about what happened to them. Maddy’s words may be important as she looks, perhaps even sympathetically, at Cassie and says, “Don’t worry, this is just the beginning.” These words were said in the context of Nate, who broke up with Cassie moments earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maddy and Cassie became friends again, reunited by their hatred of Nate. Maddy’s words can be meaningful and imply that the girls will face Nate together, who, as we all know, likes to complicate things. We can be more than sure that the consequences of the love triangle will continue in season 3.

However, there are some concerns within the Euphoria fandom regarding Maddy’s character. In an episode of Season 2, Maddy talks to Theo’s mother, Samantha, about not staying in East Highland for the rest of her life, which fans interpret as an announcement of Maddy leaving and leaving the cast of the show. I sincerely hope that won’t be the case though, especially when we take into account that we won’t see Kat – Barbie Ferreira has left the show.

Nate and Cal

The end of season 2 brought an interesting solution also in the context of Nate and Cal. The boy confronts his father for the first time since he left their home. It turns out that the boy takes matters into his own hands. Nate lied to Jules, telling her that the CD he gave her was the only copy of the video of her rape. Probably on the disk Nate collected evidence of all his father’s pedophile activity. He gave the copies he kept on a flash drive to the police, who took Cal, puzzled by the whole situation. However, this is certainly not the end of the story. The aftermath of these events and the future of the Jacobs family will certainly be one of the main themes of season 3. Perhaps the creators will give fans an answer to a rather bothering question, namely who is the mysterious third son of Cal and Marsha, who appears in the family portrait. Fans speculated that it might be the Ashlander. However, this is unlikely.

The situation with his father made Nate even more vindictive and unpredictable. So the question arises whether Nate will want to get revenge on Lexi or Ethan for how they showed him in the show Our Life. It wasn’t hard to see that Lexi’s work upset Nate. And he is not one of those who keep their tempers in check and forget easily.


The events of previous seasons may give hope that the atmosphere between Ali and his daughters is clearing up a bit. I sincerely hope that this thread will be expanded in the future, and we will learn a bit more about the man’s past and private life. his visit to Rue’s house in episode 6 of season 2 may even mean that the character will get a little closer to her family. There was chemistry between Ali and Rue’s mother and Gia.

What else can we assume?

Despite some rumors, we can expect all the main actors from the cast to return with season 3. The biggest doubts concern Ashtray and Fezco. Who knows, maybe even the cast will grow with new characters. There are a lot of rumors on the internet about Tom Holland, Zendaya’s boyfriend, who expressed his desire to perform in Euforia. Zendaya herself admitted that such talks had already taken place. Holland is now quite a popular actor. Perhaps Sam Levinson will be tempted to invite him to the cast.

The conclusion of Euphoria season 2 leaves a lot of unresolved, open threads, leaving us with many questions that await answers. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while to get them. At the moment, there is no exact information about the premiere date of season 3 of the series. The premiere of the 2nd season of Euforia came only 2.5 years after the premiere of the 1st season (however, the pandemic had a big impact). Work on season 3 will probably not end soon, and we may have to wait 2 years for the new installment. The actors, mostly Zendaya, have a busy schedule several years ahead, with lots of new projects planned. However, let’s hope that the return of the series will take place in 2023. Perhaps, as was the case with the break between the 1st and 2nd seasons, the waiting period will be made more pleasant by special episodes.

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